Sunday, 14 October 2012

Silouhetted Photographs.

Here I created silouettes out of black card in the same way as I created my vignette. By placing these over paper whilst it is being exposed it will only expose the cut out shape or only expose the spaces on the paper which are shown if smaller shapes are cut out to stop exposure.
Firstly I cut out a leaf seen as the scene of some of my photographs was in a natural loacation including leaves and trees. it gave quite a relaxed vibe and I liked the subtle effect, the water marks on the negative gave it a watery effect which balanced in with the nature element, filter of 4, light 16 and timing 14 seconds.
I tried it with my double exposure that I liked, this first attempt showed the leaf out of place and other parts at the bottom of the photographe xposed when they weren't meant to be.
Here is my second attempt where things were lined up properly.
I cut out a clothe stand for this one but it didn't work too well because it didn't fit the picture, I couldn't see it fitting any of my other photographs in composition either.
I cut out a side profile silouhette to relate to fashion portraiture which was included in my photographs, this composition didn't work very well because of the photograph not being the same composition as the stencil.
Here I used my portrait photograph which fitted in with the stencil and gave an odd abstract look which was successful.
Here I cut out swirls to represent the smoke from the cigarette and placed them onto the paper. Glass laid on top to stop the shapes sticking up resulting in blurry exposure. Relaxed and modern style to it.
To relate to my fashion theme I created a stencil of a model/mannequin standing in a fashion photographers commonly used pose. This one didn't fit but instead gave an sight to the fact it was still fashion.
The studio lighting and the white backdrop didn't sit well with this because the stencil couldn't be seen.
I liked this one because it was quite surreal and abstract, as if she was pushed to fit into the odd stance.
I tried to solarise this composition where I used my swirls again, they couldn't be seen that well because they blended in with the black background.
Here I exposed the same image with the leaf stencil for its usual timing, then solarised it using my swirls after half the exposure time and 1 second uner the light for solarising, the result was quite dull but had a lot of sharp edged shapes reminding me of abstact artists and expressionism.

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