Sunday, 14 October 2012

Burned Photographs.

I wanted to see the effect of burning photographs made in the darkroom. Using some of my prints I did this by lighting the corners and letting the fire spread.
For this one I did the burning outside and only slightly burned the edges and put the fire out by waving it in the wind. I liked the old/war like effect on it and the brown with the black tones reminded me of this. The crinked edges blackened could go well with the fact she is smoking and show that this could make you wither away in a health sense or that smoking can be a good effect in fashion photography and this takes it to a practical effect.
I then moved indoors for the next ones because the wind was too strong, to do this I set up water to drop the flames in if they got out of control. This happened to the photograph above and I noticed that when dropping it alight into the water it sizzled leaving a bubbly looking surface with circular holes which I liked and thought was more effective than the first one. It was also quite a contrast burning such a happy compositional photograph.
Here is a burned double exposure, I liked this one because it also had the bubbly effect by me burning it in the same way but the photograph underneath looked like smoke because it was quite dark and unclear, as if she was actually in fire.
Here I decided to burn through the photograph on the face to leave just the fashion aspect in the photograph and a lack of identity which stemmed from David's work where the paint did this instead.
Finally I went back to the first attempt and burned through the photograph in the places where the smoke was flowing to represent the burning.
I enjoyed doing this and was very pleased with the results because of the texture and the blending of browns to black and grey tones, the contrasted effect I achieved from the darkroon went well with the idea of war styled burned photographs.

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