Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jeffrey Wolin Inspired Work.

To enhance my photographs I decided to firstly see what I could do with the cemetery photographs, the idea of it being by a war memorial I could incorporate letters from soldiers or loved ones during this time so that I could experiment with relevant text on top of the prints.
Jeffrey Wolin, professor of photography at Indiana University, he put text onto photographs in his series of photographs in his 'Stories from the Holocaust' section on his official website -
This text also related and reflected on their meaning because they wrote encounters themselves to use on the photograph, for example this photograph below of Rena Grynbalt (b. 1926) taken in 1993, toned with gap using a silver marker pen rather than overlaying tracing paper like I decided to do for a better effect because I was limited to materials to tone them. The photograph she is holding within the frame is of her baby son, who was seized in a raid in the ghetto during the holocaust, the subject is reflect son is missing children. I liked the meaning behind his work and thought that such a simple picture can hide so many emotions which are presented to us subtly in the text. His work inspired me to create a similar meaning on my photographs by using peoples war encounters on my photographs which could present a sense of loss or emotion. The clothes can still be seen so I could still promote this style within my photographs.
All photographs exposed at their original appropriate timing/f/filter, paper with text printed on layed over the paper under the enlarger after expoure, on f6 and filter 5 I exposed this for 10 seconds allowing the text to come through without overexposing the original photograph.
I decided to do the same thing with some of my other photographs but this time I ripped part of the text I had chosen away so I could use this to cover part of my photograph when exposing the text so that it didn'tcover my image but instead gave this effect below where the photograph looks like it is appearing from text being torn away. The text is various words relating to fashion e.g. clothes, beauty.
Here I exposed the text for 5 seconds, filter 5, f 8 which only let it appear slightly and the main focus of the photograph is still my own image.
Here I exposed the text on f 16 for 5 seconds, filter 5 and it came through much darker and block coloured showing a contrast between the black and white, I moved the ripped paper covering my original image after exposure slightly so that various tones could appear in the text exposure. The scratch marks are from the glass and give it a rough edge look matching the harsh make-up.
Here I only used a small bit of text and lay this on top of my paper after exposing this photograph. It was smudged due to not flattening it out, I preferred the ripped open effect I achieved before.

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