Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Creating Lomography on Photoshop.

1. I opened my photograph in photo shop.
2. On the drop down menu next to the layers I clicked on exposure,  I set this a little bit higher than what it was already. I also set the offset down a bit to see the shadows better.
3. On the same menu I create a curve and clicked red in the drop down menu above the diagram, I made it into a ‘s’ shape but only slightly.
4. Then I did the exact same on the green in the colour drop down menu but pushed the ‘s’ upwards.
5. On the blue drop down I pulled the curve nearly all the way down in the left bottom corner.
6. Selecting the gradient on the list of tools on the left, I selected black as a colour.
7. To put a black border around the photograph I put a vignette by holding shift and drawing a straight line on each of the edges of my photograph. I can redo this until it looks thick enough and starts to fade.
8. I then did the same to the corners so that they can be rounded.
9. Another border I created was before starting the vignette, I created a new layer instead.
10. I filled this with the paint bucket tool all black.
11. Using the rectangular selection tool I drew a rectangle around the photograph leaving space around it for the border of my desired thickness.
12. I then clicked delete for the rectangle to be gone and leave my photograph looking through.
13. I pressed Cmd and then D to deselect my rectangle.
The type of border depends on which will look better for the individual photograph.

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