Thursday, 18 October 2012

Charlotte Caron Inspired Work.

On a black and white film I shot side profile portraits of friends that I could possibly use to create work similar to Charlotte Carons. Because of the fuzzy grey scales on the white background I edited this out using the eraser tool on photoshop.

Because of inaccurate aperture the first photograph came out too under exposed because of lack of light, also the photograph above I tried enhancing the contrast more and erasing everything except her completely but this was too obvious so I stuck to photoshop for the eraser rather than magnetic lasso I used for this. the clothing people wore varied for example the german army jacket was an interesting item relating to fashion because of the drama and controversy it could cause, also the contrast between light casual clothing such as the jumper or a black hoodie worked well so that although the head gear was the most important part of the piece (the animals) because of its relation to fashion, the clothing didn't all look the same and also said something about the status and style of it.

I decided to also photograph some front on portraits to see how this would work when painting the animals on to bring in some of my own compositional ideas. The photograph above was a slightly different pose but I thought because her arms would be showing when the animal is painted on top, it could look good to present wings for a bird if I choose to do this or try it out.

I then had to decide what animals to use, I thought to stick to a certain theme for example mammals from the wild, polar animals, birds or even neutral coloured animals.
I took a photograph of a bird because it was stuffed and kept in college and if I could I wanted to take the photographs myself. A friend had a dog which I also photographed. For the rest I decided to use photographs already taken of a fox, a rabbit and a ferret. These animals are all common in England and can be wild, their colours are also various greys, browns and oranges. here are the photographs I experimented with first of all for the side profile pictures -

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