Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Instagram Nashville Effect on Photoshop.

1. Opening a photo in photo shop, I pressed CMD and the J to duplicate the layer the photography as in.
2. I unchecked the layer.
3. In the slides where the different colours are I put 247 in the top one, 217 in the middle and 173 in the bottom. A light brown/cream colour appears which is what I want.
4. I created a new layer by layer, new layer, then using the paint bucket tool I filled this layer in with the brownish colour.
5. On the drop down menu in the layers tab and I clicked multiply.
6. Selecting the layer I duplicated at the start, I went on the drop down menu and clicked curves.
7. On the drop down of colours here I clicked green and put the output to 137 and then did the same with blue but an output to 133. I had to make sure I clicked the box at the bottom left in the curves diagram to allow me to change the output/input.
8. Then on the same drop down menu I clicked curves on, I clicked levels, in the middle box that comes up I put in 1.36 then the box on the far right I put 2.36.
9. Then again in the same drop down menu I clicked brightness/contrast, I put 6 for brightness and 51 for contrast.
10. Creating another curve, this time I clicked on green and put an input of  30, and then a blue input of 88.
11. Again I created another brightness and contrast layer putting the brightness to -6 and the contrast to 33.
12. Finally I added the last curve, with a red output of 4 and a blue output of 14.

Here is the photograph I started with, I though its calmness would match the subtle colours.
Here is the final result following the instructions, I liked the contrast in the black tone son her clothing which had turned blue, the yellow was quite calming and yellow, it was a positive mood and appearance contrasting the scene that the photograph is taken, also the red flowers stand out much more, it splits up parts of the photograph to parts that sit back and parts that stand out, the shadow is also bought out very well on the stone.

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