Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Experimenting for Final Outcome.

Looking back at the work that I have done and my mindmap of ideas for my final piece, I experimented with some of my favourite prints to see what work and enhancements inspired by photographers I realistically would want to use to create a final piece.
This was originally an attempt to weave that went wrong so instead I had what looked like a frame with reversed colours from the text printed on photo paper and the photograph with the text appearing with a black background. I started to cut them into strips but then decided to fit them together to create the frame, I stuck them onto paper to achieve the result.
Weaved two of my prints, inspired by Greg Sand, enjoyed it before so I chose to do it again.
I incoorprated bold colours with related to make up into my photograph, I also tried sewing because even though I didn't enjoy it in Stacey Page's style, I wanted to see how it would enhance my images by applying it simple, I went around the ripped outline to enhance the texture of it and also the orange thread gave it a puppet effect, as if her arms were being controlled, representing fashion modelling.
I returned to collage which I was inspired by Michelle Thompson and Quentin Jones but gave it my own style, because of considering collaging for my final piece it was quite a tacky collage but the alcohol lids represent the party theme and foil for a 3D effect on the jewellery which was scrunched up and using PVA I stuck this down. 

These were various enhancements that I thought I could combine together for a collage as my final like mentioned in my mind map or a mounted sheet presented with lip prints and fashion related objects, a very practical and arty approach on top on my darkroom prints which I thought was contrast nicely because of the bold colours and 3D texture.

I enhanced my Jeffrey Wolin work by burning the edges because I liked this experiment when I previously tried it out because of the texture and I thought it would fit well with an olden effect because this was the style of the photographs (quite vintage) and the war letters, I could take these photographs further by presenting them as a book or mounted sheet with a sepia colouring to present  the war in a similar way to something such as a diary or encounters/stories.

Here I burned the face for lack of identity. 
I didn't take this further because even though the fashion was visible it wasn't as clearly presented as it could be, I couldn't really relate the emotion it would bring with fashionable clothes because it contrasted too much which real events.

Overall I preferred my work I previously did inspired by Charlotte Caron, I thought that my photographs with animals paintings on them presented catwalk fashion well and also combined my darkroom prints which required more skill to produce than digital ones. I thought that I could heat transfer these onto fabric such as canvas or cotton to present clothing material which is obviously related to fashion.
I had taken 6 front portraiture photographs and 6 side profiles, by experimenting with the paint and realising that I preferred the side profiles of the animal paintings rather than the full on ones because I think they could look more effective if I did a series of them lined up rather than one on its own because they would be exactly the same in composition and look good facing the same way.
Because the below photograph lacked contrast because of the out of date chemicals used to process my filmstrip, I decided to have a series of five animals paintings on humans rather than all 6, I think having one directly in the middle (which I would need an odd number to do) would look better and help them stand out more.

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