Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dan Mountford Inspired work.

Dan Mountford did a series of double exposures on one film strip in an SLR, here I tried to do this keeping my subject matter based on the human figure for fashion aspects.
To create a double exposure but using one negative with both images on one shot here is what I done - 
1. Wind on the film as normal.
2. When I started shooting I put the aperture down one from the appropriate lighting and I shot the whole film like this.
3. Instead of winding the film to take it out I wound it back in but not all the way.
4. Then I took another shot of pictures will overlay the first. 
5. Finally I wound it out as normal.
 Flowers underneath for nature effect, fashion of hairstyles. Timing 45, F16, filter % and then 35 seconds burning the top half of the image because of the negative being faint.
 Timing of 30 seconds and 10 seconds burning the skeleton and top half of photograph, F 16, filter 5.
 Timing of 40, F 16, filter 5.
 Timing 30, burning around her to hide the trees, F 16, filter 5. Favourite because it looks more like Mountfords photographs in terms of a white background taking over and leaving boths scenes in a certain shape.
Timing 40, 20 second burning on top third, F 16, filter 5.
30 second timing, 15 second burn on top third, F 16, filter 5.

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  1. Loving these photos and the burning into the images!! Well done! You should totally do another film!