Monday, 1 April 2013

Handmade Experimentations.

Here are some experiments I made using various photographs from my first film.
I began by cutting up this photograph into squares and strips. I got my inspiration for this from the college blog which showed this experiment as an idea to try out. I chose to start with my solarised twice print.
Looks shattered rather than ripped, emotional link.
Jumbled up more for a more abstract look which worked well but not as well as the first attempt.
Spreaded out more, as if it is symbolising separation. Could work well with some paint or explosion experimentations.
I took this further by putting the composition onto the same photograph but with my print that had only been solarised once.The tones worked really well and created a strong contrast drawing us to the smoking hand first.
I included the eyes here to give it a more personal effect, the eyes stand out too and stare at you which is more eerie.
Combining random pieces with my digital photo graph printed on graph paper. It reminded me of an evil character, the idea of skin parts missing and being discoloured/pigmentation.
These were my favourite set of these experiments. I liked the way I could combine the dirt and isolation with a portraiture photograph of somebody alone. The mask looked quite clean and the abandoned building was the opposite which created an interesting narrative.
Using the window with graffiti on it for an abstract looking facial structure, eyes give the evil look and silence to the composition.
Below I started relief collaging my photographs, I started but putting ripped pieces of photo paper on top of a normal sheet of it under the enlarger, this meant when exposed under the light the smaller pieces would fit directly on top of the full piece, I used blu-tac to lift them off of the paper below so they stood out, this isn't too clear from these photographs but can be seen in my sketchbook.
Started with randomly ripped parts, face to stand out, looks jagged/ruined.
I tried taking pieces out of the composition to see if it made a difference. This looked too random and unnecessary.
By taking the face out I was removing the identity and this had more meaning compared to the first one, I thought that it looked like something somebody has destroyed and then put back together.
Lots of random little pieces here, creating the destroyed and mended effect again. worked well, gives a realistic depth to the facial structure from the visibly raised surface.
By removing pieces I created the same mood effect as the last photograph I did this to, it is like parts of the identity/personality are taken away, as if the outside is removed to see the inside which in this case is empty.
These pieces had more blank paper around them which made it seem as if more parts were missing, it had a puzzle feeling to it.
The missing pieces looked quite irrelevant here because they were only of grass surroundings, not a significant part of the photograph.
This reminded me of wallpaper stripping, it worked perfectly because of the mess around the warehouse, it is presenting something that is actually experienced in the location physically in the photo.
It is very unclear here but the wall with the college logo on it is the part that is sticking out, this works better than ripping the relief parts randomly but can only be justified in sight.
I created 3 different layers here using the square shape where the light is coming from, works very well because of the accuracy and purpose rather than the random ripping.
I feel that if I was too take any of these experiments further I would need these images to be on a bigger scale than this to emphasise the parts in relief, I would also stick to the straight cut pieces rather than ripping.
As for the cutting up experiment I would apply paint and experiment with more ways of showing the explosion/bold effect.

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