Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Video Installations.

When producing our group collage tasks we used an iPad to take continuous shots of us creating the work. The idea of the programme was to give us experience and an introduction to understanding moving image. This was something that I had only briefly explored by creating a GIF image last year on Photoshop. This process on the iPad was much more simple. It was basically like videoing but setting a time for shots to be taken, we set ours to a shot every second so that the result would look like a photo montage gradually showing the build up of work. Quick speed suited it best because of the fast pace we were working at under a time limit.

I felt like this video would have worked much better it if was constantly filmed from the same angle/framing, preferably a birdseye shot showing the plain piece of paper gradually turning into a creation and showing the order we did this in. I felt the framing was too random here and also too fast - the build up of medium/colour wasn't captured clearly at all.

This video showed the process of our preparing for the collage as well as the making, I feel like a second between the shots was too quick again, 2 would have been fast enough to present our pace but also not too slow. There was no way of slowing them down now that they have been converted to Youtube videos so I couldn't see what this result would look like.

This way of working was very simple and I enjoyed it, I have picked up on how I could improve my way of doing the filming too. I feel that this could lead me to experimenting with continuous capturing to create a GIF effect on some photographs that I could take myself. It inspired me to involve my own medium, subject matter to try out and make an improvement from this.

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