Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Film 2 Photographs.

My Paiement inspired photographs of mess in the abandoned warehouse.
I wanted to get higher up and focus more of the floor and layout like Paiement did but this wasn't possible due to the stairs being in a location which would only give me an empty floor in the frame and be visually boring. Here is quite a close up birdseye shot of mess on the floor, abstract lines are created from the twigs, bottles of energy drink and a broken tape give the sense of somebodies presence and the isolation created over time.

I angled this shot slightly upwards to get the wooden planks in, the lines and sizes of the rectangles created gave an interesting effect, shards around also contrasted this.
This was the wall, the holes showed rips, tears, stains, burns and sharp splinters which all look quite sinister and unsafe, the further inside is hidden by it which creates mystery in the silence because of the unknown.
tiles broken and smashed, showing an abandoned area with no human presence expected, like the squatters scene in Paiements photograph.
All the contrasting shades of mess created what looked like an explosion, or a paint splatter, lots of different random small shapes combined together in one big mess.
Birdseye shot which shows texture of material and the ruins of it, texture of a bumpy car tire, all everyday objects people use that have been left to gather dirt in isolation.
Unclear mess, squares and planks of wood and plastic, metal bars, broken glass and stones all in a pile, I liked the gritty feel of this, the dirt can almost be felt by the texture created in the photograph from the busy composition which contains endless ruined objects and parts of things which make no sense together compared to everyday use.
Shattered glass, contrast between the neat pattern of the squares and the random cracks which take over that, what is through the glass is also unclear, framed with everything within the glass tightly intact like Paiement did, taken from a straight on angle giving the same effect as a birdseye one.

I then felt that I could photograph some places which look small and tight because I felt my photographs on this film at this point were moving away from the birdseye views and more into confined space.
Space made smaller by metal bar falling into it, holes inside tires seen but not knowing what is present in them, squashed into frame, dark tones on the tires draw us to them and make them the focus of the photograph.
Stair case is squashed in next to a closed door, confined trapped space, we wonder what is behind it, slightly and intentionally out of focus to create a mystery within the blur.
Looking back this probably would have worked better if I had angled it downward and made it unclear where the darkness and shelves were rather than revealing the stairs around it, this would have also created a sense of fear and entrapment/being small.
I used more of my photographs on the film to recreate Tracey Emin's 'My Bed', I created mess of my own personal things and captured the scene from various angles to explore an inside interpretation of the theme and broaden my ideas. This also links to mess and dirt but in a homely sense rather than abandoned objects.
A few of the objects are shown here and we get a sense of familarity with the room.
Shows the scissors, eye mask, pjamas, magasine, bear and laptop much more clearly. Shadow created in the right bottom corner.
Close up of mess down the side of the bed which was also inspired by Emin's composition of the mess next to her installation. Intended to have just the guitar amp. (black, right side) out of focus but got some of the smaller objects in it too.
Close up of sock and eye mask, shows more personal side because it is focused on fewer items and shows them more clearly, has a realistic sense to it and puts the viewer in a normal, everyday position.
Low angle shot, every item is seen, the lens was too narrow (35mm) and I didn't have a wide angled lens which would have framed this better compositionally because the whole bed including edges would be in it.
Side angle, depth of field created around edges to focus completely on the items and personal touch of the bed and how it could work as a installation.
Close up of bundled covers gives a sense of somebodies presence and them having been there. The items being out of focus draw us straight to the blanket and create a panic of somebody coming in.
Glasses and earphones both go near the face which gives a feeling that somebody has lost them or lost their identity, been taken away.

Out of these subjects I have photographed I feel that I need to further develop my confined spaces photographs, I could easily involve a human figure in this to make them more visually interesting, also because there wasn't many of them. I feel it could have a lot of subject matter which could be involved.

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