Monday, 1 April 2013

Alain Paiement Inspired Digital Experiment.

By seeing Paiement's bird eye photographs of mess, I decided to use this angle to photograph my existing photographs of the abandoned warehouse burning. This worked because the warehouse was messy anyway and also because the fire could relate to it because of the arson that has taken place there. I thought that the fire would add to the mess and destruction and show the inspiration from his work in my own personal response. 

In some of these you can see the bubbly and rising texture of the film on the photographs as they burn which gives a moving sense and presence of the flames.
I also photographed the remains to show the ash and shards rather than fire, also a ripped and ruined effect, symbolic to the ruins of the warehouse.

Gradually showing this photograph burn, combining ripping with burning, trying out some different angles such as side on and tilted upwards.

Burning from the middle outwards. Using the bubble wrap photograph to enhance it even more and further that experiment.

Slightly darker place for the photographs gives it a shadowed effect and contrast the fire more.

I enjoyed the ideas and concepts of these photographs but feel that they didn't show off enough of the actual photograph to make it clear enough, also I feel that by just using the floor here they would look better, I didn't really like the idea of doing this again because of it being too unclear and I felt to move on with another set of photos I have taken.

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  1. Hello! I cant find a way to contact you directly, I am interested in using one of these photos as part of an artwork for an album cover design...would you be able to provide an email for me to contact you on? thank you! Mark P