Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Animated GIFS.

Referring back to the stop motion group work I did with my classmates on the Ipads, I thought it would be good to experiment with making a gif in a similar way. I didn't have access to an Ipad in my own time so use my digital camera to repeatedly capture everyday things for experimentation and to be put together on photoshop.
To create these I followed these steps -
1. On photoshop I clicked file, import, load files into stacks.
2. I then selected each single photograph which will be in my gif.
3. The photographs will then appear as different layers
The first was the flickering of a candle behind a drink and the floating bubbles. The framing isn't too good seen as this was just a basic experiment, the position of the camera should always be the same so that the whole object doesn't move, this moved slightly, a tripod would have been good to prevent this. I like the light flickering, I think that it sets of a relaxing vibe and the speed is medium so it isn't too harshly fast but just enough to set off the atmostphere, the colour of the drink also creates a magical feeling and stands out from the table light.
Here the framing was much better keeping the candle in the centre and having a completely black background let the candle and its reflection stand out and represent the bright light. I will take into account that a tripod is needed when creating more gifs from my confined spaces theme.

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