Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lucy Dobinson Analysis.

Dobinson studies at the London College of Fashion and particular work of hers inspired me because of the claustrophobic subject matter involving a human trying to push their way out of a small confined space, this related to my idea of taking Paiement and Emin's subject matter into a figurative form which inspired to then photographs of people in confined spaces. This piece is not only a photograph but also a moving stop motion animation, here I thought I could take my photographs further in terms of following this subject matter but also experimenting further with stop motion which I had first produced on an iPad during group work. Her website ( has limited information involving her age and personal life but I can guess she is in her twenties by the information available on her education. The work definitely has a figurative theme, it is kept to the bare minimum, identity is hidden and the person is almost naked which creates a vunerable look, the idea of somebody taking enjoyment out of them being trapped, this deeper meaning is open for interpretation and partially hidden at first, the more I look I feel that the framing creates emotions of entrapment and fear because of it being limited to seeing the person inside the box and no open surrounding around it, we cannot tell where the box is or who is filming this situation, we feel something bad is happening to the person trapped because their quick and sudden movement presents panic and their wish to escape. It could metaphorically symbolise emotions or feeling trapped inside themselves, it could also say that many people feel this way and it goes unnoticed and this could be the purpose of the identity being hidden. The view on the subject matter is being treated realistically, the female isn't distorted or enhanced in any way but digitally the GIF/stop motion approach creates a less smooth flow of the movement and instead makes it seem quick sudden and as if the person doesn't recall their every move, this exaggerates the emotion created. The image is also quite tightly cropped to create the feeling of us being inside the state of claustrophobia. Action is physically taking place, the image is not still, the sound is silence which represents screaming out and not being heard or the fact her mouth is covered.
The angle of shot has been created by the use of a tripod, each still image involved has been captured from the exact same location of the camera so that we focus just on her movement rather than the change of location also this means our views and knowledge to the location are kept limited to add to the fear, the camera being kept still could be symbolistic to the women involved not being able to see any other direction or move to another place.The only objects involved are the box and the women, shape is kept limited, the box is plain so the women has nothing to look at and we are not distracted from the pure emotion it creates. The squares of the box are large but kept plain, this involves straight lines which show harshness and that not moving them will be allowed because of how stuck together they are because of fitting into place. Light is used in a limited way to create a contrast between the white walls and her pale body compared with the dark  tights around her and the shadowing on the walls to create darkness, a sense of artificial light being shone on her. I feel the photograph works best with this tight framing and harsh light created because it shows she would be in darkness without the camera flash and emphasises on her placing by placing us in a similar way - our view is limited like hers. 

The photoshoot has been arranged, the building and shape of the box has been thought through, so has the clothing - the use of tights rather than actual clothes to present her as even more naked. The individual movements were obviously spontaneous but the act of panic is planned and the model is ready to act this way for this moving animation. Camera lens is kept in focus, it isn't wide, the dramatic lighting creates less space and no depth of field is used, it is treated as if we are there and shown exactly how the eye would see it. Digital work has been done to put the animation together but not much enhancing has been done, perhaps contrast increased to darken the lighting and shadow.

The work effects me wit fear because of being claustrophobic myself, I imagine myself in this position and feel a quickening in breathing and moving because of the sudden rush of panic. It reminds me of a personal experience of being stuck in a lift and presents it as enclosed and unmovable - exactly the feeling that you get from this experience. Dobinson's feeling when carrying out this piece could have been the same - she could have felt the entrapment and could have also have been trying to present something that could have happened to her or somebody she knows that could be physical or an inner emotion. This has given me inspiration to create a stop motion of a subject matter similar to this. I will do this by using continuous capture on my phone due to not having a ipad myself, I will also take a darkroom roll of film and see how I can experiment with enhancing the images and putting them into stop motion by using photoshop.

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