Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lucy Dobinson Inspired GIF.

Using exactly the same method on photoshop (CS5)that I did for my candle and blue drink gifs, I created this with my Dobinson inspired digital photographs.The set the speed at 0.2 seconds per photograph because I felt that the fast movements helped create that panic feeling of being trapped somewhere. Her getting closer to the screen also bringss the viewer inside and creates a whole narrative of wether she is coming to get them. Her spider like movements remind me of a horror movie where somebody is possessed and becomes extremely flexible. I could have used the cropping technique/tool to create a more accurate result with the framing to keep the background in place but this would be very time consuming and I don't think these photographs have enough potential because of the lack of composition because of the elements in the background. This experiment has helped me to see that making a gif with these sort of photographs will be successful but they will definitely need reshooting. Because my model isn't available for the next week I decided to experiment with making gifs with these photographs in the mean time, this would still give me an outline of what would work with my other photographs.

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