Monday, 1 April 2013

Tracey Emin Inspired Digital Photographs.

I decided to take some photographs of my own creation/interpretation of Emin's 'My Bed'. I used my bed and littered it with personal belongings - tissues, magazines, socks, pyjamas, ear phones ect. Here is an angle which captures the whole composition which I thought worked best for these photographs.
Here below is an even further away shot of the bed which I think makes it look larger because we can see it all. It also shows some of the surroundings like emits photographs did.
Here is a low angle shot taken from down the side of the bed, this didn't work as well because it didn't show all of the mess and focused too much of the plain sheets which don't really have a meaning in this photograph.
Below I edited the photographs to black and white, I liked this better because of the higher contrast achieved without the colours looking over saturated like the colour ones did because of the use of unnatural lighting (not enough natural light leaked through.

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