Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bec Wonders Inspired Work.

After analysing Wonders I decided to try out her mixed media technique on my own photographs.
Although I preferred her black and white prints with the paint on, I decided to see what it would look like on digital. I didn't like this result because I felt that the vibrant colours over whelmed the aim of the painting, the painting didn't stand out as something that the viewer is first drawn to but instead just looked out of place and like a mistake. I wanted to create an effect where the fashion in the photograph is still vibrant and on show but a meaning can be interpreted with the mouths being painted in detail, I also found it hard to paint in detail on the coloured photograph because of how bright the colours were, they were difficult to cover up effectively. I chose to use a blue colour because I thought it would contrast well with the orange and also because of how it looked on Wonder's work.
I kept to the blue colour on this one to see if I could create more of an effect with it by painting onto a black and white photograph instead, the detail cam tout much more and this one ended up vein guy favourite attempt. The framing of the face in the photograph was perfect to do this to because of how visible her mouth area is and it taking up a larger area because of the photograph being close up, unlike the previous photograph I tried to do this to.
I wanted to put my own twist onto the work by seeing if I could create a visibly just as effective look by painting in the Wonder's style somewhere else on my photographs. In this photograph I liked how visible the eye make-up was and how it is the first thing the viewer is drawn to, the contrast between the make-up and the pale skin tone could work effectively because fit would force me to use various tone soy the blue which I decided to continue using because of how pleased I was with its effec ton my last photograph. I liked this result and felt the tonal detail gave a real depth to the facial structure, but what I didn't like was how the fashion element of the make-up in the photographs as taken away by the paint covering it.
Finally I chose my second attempt as most successful and tried to recreate the effect on another photograph. I liked the shadowing under the chin here but felt that the tones of the face were slightly too shadowed which didn't allow me to contrast my tonal use of paint as much.

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