Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Face Explosion on Photoshop.

This tutorial was another random experiment I'd seen advertised on Youtube in my recommended videos, I like the look so I widened my range of digital experiments even more by trying it out. Because the idea was to have a photograph that focuses on a face I chose this photograph seen as it is a full on face portrait. I also thought it could work well and be slightly more outside the box to combine 2 of the photoshop tutorials so I did this tutorial over my result from the skull face tutorial, I made the contrast a lot more desaturated so the vibrant tones of the skull didn't take over this composition.

1. I opened my photograph in photoshop, using the rectangular marquee tool I drew little squares and rectangles over one side of the face, around 16 of them taking up most of the area without being too crowded.

2. I went to image, copy and then image and paste which pasted these selections into a new layer which I then duplicated twice giving me 3 of them in total. I hid both of the copies and worked on my first one.

3. I went on blend mode, colour overlay and selected black and clicked ok. I hid this layer and then worked on one of the copies.

4. I clicked the layer style icon and chose bevel and emboss, I changed the size scale to 1. I dragged this layer slightly to the side from the original place fit would be, I right clicked, chose perspective and dragged the right corners upwards.

5. I duplicated this layer and moved it slightly to the right so it was slightly away from the first perspectives layer. I changed the perspective of this layer by pulling the right corners up even more. I then right clicked scale and stretched the layer to the right slightly.

6. I then duplicated this layer and did the exact same things with the positioning, perspective and scale.

7. I clicked on my layer that I had copied at the start that I hadn't yet done anything with, I clicked the filter tab, blur, then radial blur, I changed the amount to 50 and made sure the zoom blow was selected.

8. I dragged the blur across and gave it the same perspective as the layer, I did this for all of the layers I had. I changed the exposure of them where need be to give them a brighter glow.

The result was good but not as effective as I'd expected, the squares looked slightly out of place and my perspective probably wasn't as accurate as it was meant to be. Having done a range of photoshop tutorials at this point, I have realised I prefer being able to see what works best for me (e.g choosing my own pattern for the paint splatter) rather than following accuracy like this one did. I know that I will not take this experiment any further.


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