Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Sandwich Printing.

I had previously done sandwich printing inspired by Dan Mountford and liked it so I wanted to see what it would look like on these photographs as an additional darkroom experiment.
Timing of 19 seconds, filter 5 and F16. I chose this because I could present the surrealism with the size difference in the cups and my model. I liked the composition but felt it would work better with her on the other side of it and slightly less exposed.
Timing of 16 seconds, F16, filter 5.
I liked this one much better and felt the contrast and composition worked perfectly, she stood out the most and the cups were slightly faded but I liked it that way.
Timing of 18 secs, F16 and filter 5.
A final attempt, the same cup photograph but I chose my other model in a similar composition to the first to see how it worked, her hair being lighter took away the heaviness of the darker shade sin my previous photograph and I preferred it.

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