Friday, 7 December 2012

Alice in Wonderland Photographs.

I really liked the idea of my photographs of my friends dressed as fairies but seen as the film wasn't entirely successful I stuck to the same theme and idea but shot some more photographs of my friends dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters, also the idea of bringing the narrative of the film into the photographs would work better than my last shoot because I could use specific props and represent certain characters rather than just anything like the fairies which were quite unclear. I was inspired by my few previous photographs based on the mad hatter to produce more higher quality ones. 
Here are my film photographs.
This long shot effectively showed off the fashion but the lines on the ground and shaded background ruined it slightly, I would have erased them using photoshop but this photographs ssn't one of my favourites, the stance looked slightly forced and awkward rather than natural and effective because of lack of ideas on how to pose for the long shot but keeping within the frame.
A close up, this showed of the make-up and finer details more particularly on the hat and the fur of the hood, I had to burn the whit eon the collar slightly too.
Apart from the lines in the background I liked this photograph because of the relaxed pose, I could have zoomed out slightly to capture the whole hat and the knees completely in shot.
This photograph was slightly out of focus, I liked the idea of using the glass as a prop relating to the narrative of the tea party in the film, burning was needed again on the collar.
This photograph was also a favourite, The contrast worked very well because of the pale skin and hair and the darker clothing and reflection on the tea pot. It was quite a natural and relaxed shot, I captured the pouring red liquid which matched the clothes too.
Another attempt of the close up side shot without it being out of focus, dodging was needed towards the bottom on the right side of the photograph too.
Side shot again, the strong pose presented her status as a queen, the stare was quite harsh and pierces the viewer, the background looks distant and smoky too because of the tones.
Close up of the pouring liquid as a more subtle mood added to the photographs, low angle to see what looked best compared with...
This low angle shot which was successful because of the depth of field and the focus on the pots, her nails were perfectly done with red and black hearts which presents the fashion side to it more clearly than the photograph before.
Moving on from the Queen of Hearts I photographed another friend as Alice. The paintbrush worked well because it presents her in the film painting the flowers red, we were lucky to have some flowers props to present this with. Her glance looking down gave a more mysterious look and presented her dark make-up very well too.
The art on the clothing chest piece is shown well here, so is narrative and a relaxed pose, the drink ties in too, the hair is shown clearly too.
A close up showing the piercings and make-up clearly, also the twirls in her hair, distant glance showing her soft personality.
Longer shot sitting down, high angle makes her look slightly small which works well with the narrative where she is a surreal size to her surroundings. The contrast could have been increased in this photograph.
A favourite, dodging was needed on the left side, Alice name helps with identifying exactly who she is meant to be.
The slightly out of focus effect gives a vintage and more mysterious look to this photograph, she looks as if she is about to walk off, viewer wonder where, contrast is successful.
I photographed another friend as the mad hatter. this medium shot worked well because it effectively show her outfit, the trousers aren't as important as the abstract patterns on her cardigan and the make-up used, also the hat with the feather, the pot ties in with the narrative perfectly as this character hosts the tea party. Could have framed this slightly better to get the end of both sides of her cardigan in the composition.
Close up, the slightly low angle made it look like it was slightly out of place, although details of make-up are shown well, perhaps a portrait frame would have worked better.
A close up portrait, I wanted to get the full detail of the feather in it, her peering in gives this and also capture shed hair make-up ect.
Slightly out of focus but creates a strong texture on the hair and contrast between it and her face.
I moved onto digital photographs to see if the colour made them more effective or not. I like the colour in this photograph but feel that the background is a disappointment, a backdrop could have worked well, I thought that all my photographs I would take would have this problem, referring to my brief I thought that I could edit a backdrop in later to see how it brought out the photographs.
This composition was aligned perfectly and the glance matches the mood of the clothing too.
Contrast works very well, the medium shots work well too because they show us exactly where they are as well as the fashion aspect of their faces.
This photograph was very natural, they were all doing their own things but I asked Alice to look at the camera so that the attention is drawn to her although she is in the background, could be compared to a typical tea party scene and various aspects of their fashion can be picked out here.
This had a similar aim to the photograph before but this time framed as a portrait.
A contrast to an innocent children's film which works well for adult fashion, a drunken Alice, landscape to capture full body and create that image and shock.
The colours balanced really well in this photograph, the contrast between the black and white worked well and the powerful blue settles as a mid tone, the plain background gave it a more professional look. 
I decided to take some photographs outside, overall they didn't work too well, they looked very out of place and the background rather unprofessional because of the random props such as goal posts insight, the dull day didn't help either, it didn't match the happy and fun mood of the colour sin the photographs.
Still out of place but the bright colours were bought out more. 
We went back inside, I didn't focus on the backgrounds much because I knew I could edit them out, this composition was full of innocence and the colours and make-up worked perfectly for presenting the fashion aspect.
I used my painting as a backdrop, the colours were very varied and didn't match the outfit but I liked the artistic look and contrast between cartoon and reality.
The background was very invisible here and it worked much better and let her face stand out much more, the bright colours worked very effectively and I preferred it to the black and white photographs.
Another outside one, the windswept look didn't match my subject matter either.
Inside I thought it would give a more dreamy effect if they were asleep and perhaps look like stills from the film in a remake which I could use for the fashion aspect, composition worked well.
The background was very effective in making this photograph look professional and my experimenting with various angles paid off well because of the high angle used to present her power, the colours do this to because of the extremely high contrast.
The telling off works well in a long shot because it gives it purpose because it is showing off the clothing, their heights present this well.

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