Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tracing Paper on Photographs in the Darkroom.

I had previously wanted to see what my photographs in projects would look like with tracing paper on top of them with drawing relevant to their compositions on them, where the drawing was would be where the photograph didn't expose so I would get white lines in place on the print.
First of all I chose this photograph simply because I liked it and chose to draw around the basic shapes as a started to see what type of effect I would get and how well the thickness of the pen would work ect. I liked the outcome especially on the clothing, it added to the tone and put in a subtle contrast, the far eloped quite strange and scary which didn't work too well in my opinion, it looked too childish and simply drawn and didn't have the same effect on the contrast that the clothing had.
Here I avoided the face and chose to emphasis eon the lines of the straightness of her hair, I liked how it lightened the crown and balanced it out well with the tones of the rest of the photograph.
Here I printed pictures onto tracing paper to use them instead, I chose the queen of hearts playing card for relevance to my photographs, it worked quite well as an idea but was very hard to perfect, parts of the image didn't print onto the paper as well as others so parts of the detail in the illustration on the card were erased. They worked well coming in the side of this photograph because of the empty space by her side.I had to turn the F to 8 to allow the cards to expose and I did so for 4 seconds.
I also chose this photograph because of the empty space, the background tone was slightly darker than the tone the cards would produce, the cards looked very limited in tone and with a high contrast, this photograph printed in the opposing way, it was rather grey and dark rather than bright. I exposed the cards on F11 for 5 seconds.

I tried these experiments various times over and over to perfect but these were the closest I came, the other versions are seen in my book, I didn't take this further because of how unprofessional and childish it looked because of inaccuracy.

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