Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Reticulation is the distortion of the emulsion layer of the film strip. This is caused by taking it from one bath of chemicals to another with a dramatic change in temperature. The effect achieved it an over exaggerated grainy effect which I thought could look quite ruined which could work well in contrast with my photographs showing fashion. 

My idea of the actual photographs on this film strip wasn't thought through too carefully, I took lots of portraits of people with a plain backdrop so that I would still be able to successfully paint onto them (continuing my Bec Wonders idea) and have it look effective still, it was a last minute idea for experimentation so continuing my costumes idea wasn't successful here.

I decided to do this because it was an experiment that hadn't been done in college and I wanted to see if I could take it further assuming it would work. I could possible still stick to blurring images with it being an extra enhancement, I could even involve the paint with it from my inspiration from bed Wonders.

1. First of all I mixed the appropriate amount of developer to develop my film but I put it in the fridge first so that it was stone cold. The usual developing time is 7 minutes and I increased this by twice as much so that the photographs could develop clearly for longer because of the temperature change.
2. For the stop, the water which is mixed with the chemical had to be at least 70c in temperature, I boiled it and added it to my film, this should cause the emulsion layer to fizz and bubble. The timing is twice as long to allow this to happen as much as possible.
3. I fixed the film normally and washed it normally too.

The result was unsuccessful, when my negatives were fully developed they looked completely normal, when under the enlarger they still did, thinking back I thought maybe the cold developer wasn't cold enough so the change in temperature didn't take place as effectively.

Here is my contact sheet of photographs, although I didn't print them separately because my aim was unsuccessful I aim to experiment on a few of them with my other ideas (Wonders, Khan).

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