Thursday, 13 December 2012

Combining Photographs in the Darkroom.

Bec Wonder's combining paint gave me an idea to combine photographs in themselves in the darkroom. I didn't think these would work too well but I wanted to see if they could lead me anywhere.
I took the photographic paper and covered up part of the paper that I wanted to expose a different photograph onto, I then exposed my first photograph at normal timing onto the paper that I wanted exposed, then I covered the part of the paper that had been exposed and revealed the part that was previously covered up, I exposed my second photograph onto this part of the paper.
I chose these two photographs because they worked well together run terms of the composition in the distance, the same distance meant that they matched up much better and gave an interesting effect, also relation to surrealism in the film itself.
This time the paper I used to cover up the parts of the photograph that I didn't want exposed at a certain time was ripped instead of cut, This gave a nice texture to the photograph because it looked like the background had been ripped on the face and revealed another surface beneath it. The background photograph worked well because it was slightly out of focus meaning the focus was kept on the face which I wanted to do anyway.
This one took a slightly more surreal approach and in my opinion didn't work as well because it looked too out of place rather than relating to the composition.

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