Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Handmade Negatives on Photographs.

By using vaseline to stick salt and food colouring to transparent plastic, I created my own negatives (process previously explained on blog) and decided to put them onto of my own negatives for my Alice photographs.
F16, 7 seconds, filter 5.
I focused on creating an actual scene rather than something random, I avoided putting the salt ect. on the face because I still wanted its features to show through, because not much compositionally was going on towards the bottom of the photograph I thought that because of the underexposure on the areas covered in salt, the white space would look like snow with the salt particles presenting it falling. Here I accidentally got some on the face and felt that it ruined the effect, I also felt that the liquid creating the under exposed puddle look was slightly too much and took away the power of the original photograph.
F16, 9 seconds, filter 5.
I cleared the face of the salt and liquid and decided to just use salt for this one to give a more subtle and snowy effect which I was aiming for. I liked this one much more and felt that the scene I was trying to create was obvious too.
F16, 9 seconds, filter 5 and 1 second with filter off and F11 to solarise.
I tried to solarise the same composition, the exposure to the extra light was slightly uneven so it ruined the ffect it could have created, I didn't take it further because of it making the snow slightly less effective and clear to see.
F16, 10 seconds, filter 5.
I liked the contrast on this photograph, the 'snow' falling down gave it a very wintery effect, this was the cup shot where the nails were slightly less clearer than the other one and the handmade negative made it even more unclear so the only problem was that the fashion aspect had been taken away.
F16, 10 seconds, filter 5, 1 second on F6, filter 5 to solarise.
Because of the high contras tin this composition I tried to solarise again and to my surprise it worked much better than before, the silvery grey tones came out much better and the snow looked very clear and not too clumpy and over whelming like before.
F16, filter 5, 7 seconds.
This print had slightly too much salt on it and was underexposed but I liked how light it was in comparison to her hair which draws us straight to her face, the dress is slightly erased so I decided to add a few seconds onto the timings and do this again.
F16, filter 5, 10 seconds.
The clothing was shown much more clearly in this second attempt, the background was slightly too dark and the contrast between it and the snow was slightly too over bearing and took the attention away from the face and clothes which had became shadowed.

My second composition was my favourite out of all of these. I really liked my results for this experiment and will definitely consider coming back to it for a final outcome if nothing better is found by then.

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