Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Blurring Photographs In The Darkroom.

I saw work by photographer Idris Khan (who I plan to look further into if I enjoy this experiment) and he had blurred the photographs he had taken during exposure. I attempted this by choosing photographs and following their original timings, I halved it on the timer and exposed it normally like this. Then I expose fit again for the second half of the time but I moved the paper slightly up and too the side so that the same image was produced but slightly disorientated and jogged like Khan's work was.
This photograph worked particularly well because the subject matter was still seen just as well, the fashion aspect of the nail was too, it also gave a sense off that it was moving and that she could jog whilst purring the liquid. The tones on this photograph vary a lot and there isn't much empty and light space which helps because there isn't any light patches which look unclear because they have been under exposed by the half timings.
I liked doing this to a portrait because it made it quite creepy and alien like because of the four eyes, also the white background wasn't effected so it kept its professional look.
I did the same photograph again to see if it made a difference by making the blur slightly more far apart. I preferred my first attempt because it kept everything quite clear and in place still and I felt the lighter and slightly under exposed tones came out too much in this version.

I blurred this one very slightly and I thought it had the most effective texture because of the tones in the fur on the hood and the lines of the hair coming through so much. The contrast of the hat and coat compared to her light complexion was bought out well by the even more varying of tones by the intentional blur.
Her eI split the original timings 3 times to create 3 blurs, it worked very well with this photograph because of how clearly each blur was presented allover, there were no parts that needed more exposure because of the lessened time.
These experimentations lead me to solarise the blurred prints, it didn't work very well because the underexposed parts that were slightly lighter on the original print came out a very similar colour to the background which didn't give the blur a very good effect because it took away its look as a blur and instead just made the developing look uneven on the composition.
 I then solaris done of my photographs normally, I like dhow this photograph turned out but felt if I choose to take this further then I will need to burn the right side of the face slightly and the top of the crown.

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