Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bec Wonders Analysis.

Bec Wonders started to photograph at the age of 15 when she moved to Sweden on her own. Her style involves various combining of mediums although she is primarily a painter she states that she likes to 'look outside the box and combine the obviously opposite, I like to merge painting with photography and design', and aims to exhibit fine art in a accessible way. You can tell that the piece is fairly modern (after 70's at least) because of the clothing which is quite high street, regular women's fashion rather than something obviously presenting the stage in time of the 60's by wearing something like a beret.

The process involves black white printed photographs with part of the print not printed where Wonders will paint over the gap left to represent the same image but with paint rather than the black and white. The materials used are photoshop to enhance the original photograph, the DSLR camera where the host was taken in studio lighting with a black backdrop. The paint also to give a splash of colour the photograph and create a more rough and gritty texture rather than the smoothness on the original print. Elements such as tone are very important in this composition, for the photograph because the black and white shows how important the lighting is because of the lighter tones in the hair being reflected from the direct lighting, this also creates a harder shadow. The paint is monochromatic which could symbolise presenting only one thing but also relies on tone a lot, the colour needs to be of the same spectrum but some lighter and some darker to create the 3D effect of shadow being caste din a similar way to how it is on the photograph and also the shadow of the 'paper' rips. Line is important around these rips because fit is harsh rather than soft.

The meaning could be that the words coming out her mouth could be from someone else and not what she actually believes in, it could be that her mouth is being ripped off for an aggressive reason, her expression isn't exactly happy so we wonder what is going on, she looks uncomfortable which could show that the paint is meant to represent something and actually be part of the photograph by representing something that she actually feels. The colour blue is seen as quite cold and more of a sad colour rather than something happy like red or yellow. Her aim of looking outside the box could also mean she is presenting more than what we see and instead showing feeling or views from inside somebody rather than only what we see. 

It makes me think of how I can interpret this myself and I would like to produce work like this from the darkroom by covering part of the photograph the I wish to paint of with a ripped piece of paper to give it a 3D effect and roughness to the edge. Then I could paint on top of my prints. Its like replacing something that exists with something that isn't relevant to them or is the same but in a different medium, the colour splash is quite subtle but makes an effect. I chose to analyse this piece because of the painting element involved which I have explored before but not in this way and I like painting and it is something I would consider doing for a final piece as a combination with darkroom prints.

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