Friday, 30 November 2012

Posterized Effect on Photoshop.

The posterized effect kept on appearing on photoshop in tabs when I was doing previous experiments, I thought that because of this photograph relating to Alice in Wonderland making it look slightly cartooned (the effect that is meant to be achieved when posterized) could look good so I decided to use this photograph and give the effect a go.

1. I opened my photograph on photoshop.
2. I clicked on the image tab, then adjustments, then posterize.
3. I put the levels to about 4 (the lower they are the more dominating the cartoon-like effect is.

The effect was very basic, and The result wasn't as good as I thought it would be, it looked too simple and the colours looked quite dull rather than vibrant, I used a brush to create a dark vignette around the photograph to see if it would bring out the face more but instead it look unprofessional because of the dotted pixels and rather out of place.

I definitely would not be continuing this for any further experimentation in the darkroom.

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