Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Beate Pischl Analysis.

Beate Pischl is the sister of Gerd Pischl, both photographers, they have set up their own website together (http://photographies.at/start_galleries/start_galleries.htm), although all of their photographs have various themes (nature involving flowers and portraits of people, many more) their isn't really a distinctive way to tell their photographs apart although I have noticed Gerd's photography of people is usually shot as a long shot whereas the majority of Beate's are closer portraiture photographs. This photograph is in their portraiture gallery, although I think it could also be categorised as fashion, the only element missing is the fact photograph is taken for personal desire rather than for advertisement and selling. Their opinion is stated on their website in German (where they originate from) and translated to English 'We have always been having a strong affection to beautiful photos, the source of inspiration comes from ourselves but the visual side is always open when watching'. The dates of the photographs are not listed on their website, this photograph is titled 'Lolita'. This name is usually associated with sorrows and is a Spanish, it is also used a lot as a cover up name for females with a more seductive job, this could give deeper meaning to what the photograph is about. It exaggerates the contrast and airbrushed effect of the photograph, which creates a smoothened texture by the digital manipulation.

The piece has been framed quite tightly, there is no empty space, it is quite squashed in but this works well because this is enough to give us a full grasp of her facial expression and make-up as well as noticing the colours of the clothing we can see and that they co ordinate well and match with the make-up, just by seeing the umbrella in the background it shows us the clothing style of victorian first class elegance and femininity. It is quite a strange angle because rather than a front on portrait it is from the side and slightly low. The shapes created by the contrast of the her pale skin and the black clothes create a sharp and harsh edge and quite triangular shapes, the netting softens this and also looks like it could link to a lingerie material, her cleavage is out and the ribbons are tied as if she is attempting to seduce somebody. The tonal range varies, the main colours are black and the white tones blending with pale peach of her skin, the black is sometimes softened and blurred by the lighter tones blending over the shades, the pink gives an element of lust or femininity, it stands out from the black and highlights parts of the photograph such as her neck and her lips. The silk fabric reflects nicely with the studio lighting and shines through. The movement of the photograph is quite still but we can imagine the looks and attention that would be paid on this scene from outside of the frame if she was standing in the street for example. The arrangement is pleasing because it is how we would see her from our view if we were talking to her or paying attention to what she is wearing, although the low angle could present a lack of value or importance towards her or women.

I think the photograph has been planned out, the costumes carefully selected and colours having symbolistic meaning, her make-up has been done very detailed and carefully rather than rushed, this is a special occasion for the women or character and like fashion photography, focuses completely on beauty and appearance. The camera hasn't used a wide lens or any zooming, instead the depth of field has been lessened to blur the background deliberately, this is to focus us on her facial appearance and have the netting as a background element but not too blurry to make out what it is. The lighting is quite soft but bright enough to have the colours enhanced to look deep and powerful. Digitally taken, edited by photoshop rather than a filter or darkroom effects.

This work effects me because it shows beauty and feminism and is completely related to the genre of female fashion which is what I want to present, it captures a classy look and and could relate to literature of Victorian times and fashion, also something a poet would write about. I like the colours and think this is the most important formal element of the photograph, the contrast represents a harsh reality and strong reaction from the viewer because of the impact it makes, the idea of the women being squashed in could relate to a way she is being treated which could have links with the choice of costume which aimed to impress others rathe than herself. This has inspired me to take photographs of this genre with a white backdrop and enhance colours much more than I have been in photoshop.

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