Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fairy Fashion Photographs.

Here are my photographs from the first film I took from following my shooting plan, college misplaced the developing chemicals so my negatives were underdeveloped meaning my prints with them would end up over exposed because of the light getting through them, I experimented in the darkroom with f's of 16, 11, 8, 6, 4, 2.5 on timing from less than a second up to around 18 (all with a filter of 5 for maximum contrast in attempt to lessen the over exposed grey shades and lack of lighter areas) and all of my prints (found in my sketchbook) came up much too grey. Using photoshop I adjusted the brightness and contrast of my prints once scanned in and lessened the selective colours of white and black in some of them. Here are the photographs which turned out best.
Here I captured the make-up in detail and the fairy elements of her face. Depth of field used to focus on her face.
Longer shot, not as effective as the close up, I feel as if more of the outfit needs to be seen and the contrast from the darkness of the tree takes over too much.
Long shot, too much focus on background she should have been in the centre of the frame to focus on the fashion.
Sky in background works well, makes it seem wintery and fantastical, make-up isn't so clearly seen, could have had a slightly smaller aperture to lessen the shadowy darkness.
I like this one because of the make-up and hairstyle being shown clearly, the depth of field in the background, and the natural light making a contrasted and sharp effect.
CLose up of the wings, a shot to show them clearly rather than create a certain fantastical atmosphere.
A favourite, The depth of field creates abstracted shapes with are well contrasted but effectively blend into the background, we can see the transparency of the wing material creating texture and also the make-up and hairstyle full on and clearly, the setting works well with the natural lighting and feminine look of this photograph.
Works effectively like the photograph above it because of the depth of field and various tones of greys blending into black, mischievous stance/pose looking like she is hiding like a fairy would, the light peering through the trees helps this too.
I like this framing, the idea of contrast between a good and a dark fairy, the clothing being shown effectively and fully, also working well with the natural setting, fence in background slightly ruins it, would have been better with a forest/trees and branches everywhere because I could put them out of focus.
This photograph worked really well as a composition although the result was slightly out of focus. The colours of the outfits contrasted really well and the oppositions with good and evil were shown as something like a fashion battle.
As a bonus, on the day of the dress-up I took more photographs (this time digitally) using the studio lighting because I thought it would blend well with the harsh colours of the costume below, also the bold statment the harsh lighting with it could make and represent in photographs.
I like the studio lightings effect here, as if the darkness is emerging from below giving it a smoky effect, composition/framing could have been slightly more centred.
This composition worked much better, the shadow has a smoky effect and created a professional and harsh look on the background which had a soft texture compared to the brushed look of the hair and the straight and strong stripes on the shorts.

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