Monday, 2 July 2012

Geraldine Georges Styled Work.

Belgian illustrator/graphic designer, young and contemporary, we can tell this from her modern way of working - the advanced photo shop skills used and very graphical approach, using lie a lot to present shapes such as flowers and natural objects, bold black shapes presenting femininity, she worked for own personal reasons but has also designed graphics such as text for various advertisements. For example here we can see dripping effects, animals are involved from the horn which could represent behavoir, rounded more floral shapes are used decoratively. On her website the works are often seen in sets of 2 compositions or 3. The decor takes over most of the females appearance. Colour is kept black and white except for skin tone. I have looked at her work previously so I enjoyed re-creating it using my own pictures and own style.
below is my hand drawn attempt, I used ink splatters out of my own choice rather than specifically drawing fine detail, I included birds flying for the natural effect, the black over her face was more graphical, taking inspiration from her piece which involves this morphing into birds. I also included floral designs of calla lilies with a finer lined pen. I quite liked the idea of doing this but will spend more time on it next time because it was successful as an experimentation rather than a final piece/approach.
The next step was to follow a photoshop tutorial on how to create work like hers.
1. Drag the chosen photograph into photoshop, also open a new blank A4 document.
2. Use the drag tool to drag the photograph from its document into the blank one.
3. Holding shift, resize the photograph to fairly small, around the size Georges would do, place the image, rotate slightly if desired.
4. Using the lasso tool, click holding and draw around the face on the image and any other part you want to be in the composition. Holding ctrl and clicking the mouse and cclick select inverse and back space to delete the background, then click cmd then deselect.
5. Using the eraser tool, erase parts of the images where you would like to put decoration, also try the magic want tool to select areas of the image of similar colour to delete.
6. Using the shape tool draw a circle (works better than harsh squares) or ellipse over any part of your image, when the circle is the top layer, drag the images layer on top of it so that it overlaps. Fill the ellipse black.
7. Create a new layer, click on the brushes icon, experimenting with the brushes to see what suits the picture best, can edit the size and scattering, make sure it is black. Can use various types of brushes depending on what you like best, drawn lines/swirls ect in Georges style until you are happy.
8. Click the colour box, try out colours with the brushes if you want, create a new layer if you're happy with what you've got and don't want to ruin it.
9. Using a smaller brush create smaller areas of detail in Georges style.

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  1. Well done Lauren! A thorough and detailed start to your A2 year this work is high grade A2 level work so well done! Please don't forget to upload your pop-up photograph to go with your Markus Kisson post. Other than that have a lovely summer and enjoy working on the creative tasks and taking lovely summer photographs!