Monday, 2 July 2012

Norm Magnusson 'Decorating Nature'.

Founder of the art movement 'Funism', began his career by producing paintings of animals involving social commentaries, leading him onto an interest in political art. He created a series 'Decorating Nature' which involved photography in the art, he painted nature to transform it into something arty, for example -
We can see the leave has been painted to be something unnatural and stand out from the other leaves, it reminds me of seasons, it has a summery natural look from the tones of green, but an autumn turn from the oranges and red used, the slight hint of sea green/blue could represent rain. I get the idea he has tried to symbolise the life of a leaf, on the floor it is the end of it and Magnusson could have chosen these colours to show its experiences with the weather. Presents it as something with feelings, like a human even though no people ar einvolved in the photograph, it is a very still picture but the lifted leaf looks like if could move or fly away, gives a sense of freedom matching the freedom of nature and the idea of being anywhere, much more rural, isolates city life and human actions.
Here are some of my own examples -
Here I took inspiration from his pine cone painting seen below my own photograph -

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