Monday, 2 July 2012


Editing images I have taken on photoshop so that they have typing over them (typography).
1. Drag an image into photohop, also have appropriate text ready to put into it.
2. Go to select at the top, colour range, the drop down to shadows, click selection and then ok, command c to copy and command v to paste it into a new layer. Do the same again but for the midtones.
3. Holding down shift select both of the new layers, command e to join them together. Turn off the eye to hide the background layer.
4. File, new, make it 20x20cm, resolution 300, using the text tool, click down and draw a square shape to fill up the whole document.Command c to copy your text document and command v to paste into the text square, as a font I chose edwardian script, size 30.
5. Click edit, define brush preset, close the text document and on your photo document select the brush tool, make a new layer. Select the brush you've made and size it to 300, opacity 100% and black colour.
6. Fill up the photograph with the text by clicking on it. Change the size of the text brush to experiment and create a better effect.
7. Click the third icon along the bottom near the layers to create a layer mask, hide that layer and click back onto layer 1. Command a to deselect and command c to copy, show the text layer again, click the layer mask, hold alt and click to bring the layer mask up, command v to paste the selection in.
8. Command d to deselect and then command i to invert the image, hide this, click on the actual image to see the started effect.
9. Create a new layer and drag it underneath the text layer, fill it white to see whats going on clearer.
10. Go to layer blending options, open the gradient box, click screen for the blending mode, then choose a gradient, I have chosen this orange, yellow and purple one.
11. Make the colour box black, choose a soft brush around 30pt in size, change the opacity to 30, paint over the image to get rid of some excess white so the image shows up more, add mor etext if you feel it is too white still.
Below you can see the layers created and used.
Below is when the image started to come along.
Here is my final -

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