Monday, 2 July 2012

Lin Osborn Inspired Work.

Graduating in fine art in 2001, Osborn uses a series of small and detailed photographs to produce her work. In 'Rainbow' (below), Osborn uses single colour formations, placing together images of household objects. The importance of branding on plastic carrier bags is highlighted, introducing an aspect of commercial and social history.
1. Drag chosen photos into photoshop all at once when selected on my desktop.

2. Create custom document 209x209mm, drag tab to side so its easier.

3. Holding shift and using crop tool you crop your first photo, part of it as a square exactly how I wanted it to look, any size.

4. Using the selection tool, drag each cropped image into the untitled document. The images were too big so using command and then minus to make it tiny and use the bottom right corner of the document so you can see the whole image, then hold down command then T to select the image, holding shift to resize it, do this to all of the pictures so that they are roughly the same size and all fit on the blank document.

5. Then hold command then shift to open a grid on your document.

6. Line up the images to equal size using the grid and its snapping to identify it being equal, spacing between I kept to a minimum so that the focus was directly on the pictures. They were in separate layers so I had to remember to click on each different layer for each photograph.

7. Holding down shift to select all my layers, I used the selection tool to draw a square around my lined up photographs that was equal in space around them all.

8. Click the image tab at the top, then crop. 

9. Click the view tab at the top, show, and then untick grid.

10. File, save as a jpeg to minimise the size.

I then I decided to change the colours of them (filters), going down in each row to create a colour blend on my photographs.
My result below before I added the hues -
I think it worked well to present all of my photographs together, it reminded me of a contact sheet, I wouldn't want to present my photographs like this I'd prefer them to be single and enlarged to see the fine detail.
Above, clicking on the layers one by one but not selecting, I clicked image, adjustments, photo filter and put quite a strong filter of 80% on each image, the colours went slowly from yellow, to green, to blue and then red. I preferred this one to my first attempt because it looks more interesting rather than just the plain photographs.

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