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Summer AS/A2 Assignment.

William Hatch Crosby
Artist/illustrator based in Brooklyn. From what I have seen of his work (www.williamhatchcrosby.com/infos/about) I notice photographs with drawing on them which looks like thick brush marks of bold, block colour. It looks quite tribal to me and line is very important in the pattern that they evolve to make, also the shape of the lines often curved and rounded.
Here is an example - 
'Leader', photograph and gouache.
I took inspiration from it in terms of colour but using an image of mine which didn't involve a close up of a face/portrait (which most of his 'Legends' series involved) I decided to put my own twist of it and although using similar brush marks I filled the entirety of my photograph with the strokes, Different contrasting colours of gouache paint, The pattern they made built itself because I put the stroke in the wavey directions of the trees and the clothing joined in with this. Also 2 colours overlapping each other for contrast, looking back perhaps I could have used brighter colours on the darker side of the trees and clothing.

Greg Sand
The above image is from a series of works by Sand in a collection called 'Remnants', in the title we can see its meaning of remembrance and recollection. Each of the photographs are of a point or scene of the persons life and combined with a portrait of this person who has passed aways like, they have been cut into strips and weaved together. It uses cloth as a metaphor for memory, we perceive each moment of our lives and they are all woven together, this doesn't depict the actual appearance of the person but shows their feelings inside in terms of what they liked doing and what is a significant memory to them.
For my own version, I combined 2 of my photographs, the sinister look on the coloured image lets us see her evil side, while the black and white photograph of her pushing the statue of the grave over relates to this because that is evil, the black and white presents this sinister action and also contrasts better with the photograph. Looking at the photograph that isn't the person on Sand's work, it looks quite blurred as if it is not the main focus of the piece, using the picture effects in Micro-soft word I created a brush/painted like effect on my black and white photograph, to me it show the evil in her expression for what it is.

Stephen J Shanabrook
http://www.stephenshanabrook.com/papersurgery1.htm part of the series of photographs 'Paper Surgery' he has taken, 2004-2006, 90x96cm. In the title we can see that he has performed a visual change and it is like he refers to it as an operation, not much information is available on him but from his other works including their titles we can tell he likes to focus on the human body and the malfunctions/negative sides to it. This one inparticular looks as if her face in caving in or she could be falling into something bad, losing her identity.
My own version below shows her face becoming smaller on the side of the cross to represent her being pulled into religion and it shows the crumbling of her surroundings, because of background in the composition I haven't had just a face to do this to but combined it with other props. Using photoshop (magnetic lesso tool and select tool)I removed the background of the photograph where I had taken the picture of my piece to focus on her and nothing else like Shanabrook had (the plain background).

Amy Friend
Using an image and a needle or thicker pin, Friend put holes through photographs that were quite vintage in style with a black and white or sepia toning. She put the holes in certain places almost to highlight that part of the photograph because she put light into it by shining it from behind as a backlight with it leaving an actual lit up effect. She aimed for a playful manner and to show that light is what makes photography possible, their are over 20 that are part of her series 'Dare alla Luce' which is Italian to describe the moment of birth.
'Afterglow', 2012.
I liked the way the object where what was highlighted, I thought this was a good opportunity for me to involve the text on some of the grave stones in my photographs. I chose to hole punch them to show their meaning and have a significance as the focus in the photograph rather than the girl for a change. First of all is my colour result and below that is my sepia version which I preferred because of the olden effect on it. 
My first attempt above, I liked the idea and how I put the holes the writing although it didn't stand out well at all, I preferred it on just her face.
Quentin Jones and Michelle Thompson
http://www.quentinjones.info/www.quentinjones.info/ILLUSTRATED_IMAGE.html Part of her illustrated images/photographs. They include bold block colouring, black writing and shapes cut out and collaged onto white paper for a contrasted effect.
http://www.michelle-thompson.com/portfolio.asp her illustration often include a coloured background and more vintage photographs included, they have been cut out to set up scenes rather than abstract shapes and brainstorms like Jones'.
 I based my first attempt on a white background and fairly fashion based, I used photographs of a friend as the mad hatter, the cartoon gave it a more surreal effect in terms of scale. The cards give it the sense of it being in the cartoon rather than the real world, it seemed different to include a suit because it was odd and unexpected. This first attempt was rather random and not much thought went into the composition so I thought about my next attempt.
I looked at my photographs and used the statue one to represent a crash or falling down. The screaming representing the new presidents reaction, and an explosion on her face. The graves represent death as the result from the plane crashes. I used a newspaper background to show the story I was representing.

Rebecca Chew
Her website covers aspects of art, fashion, photography and has a shop. http://trendland.com/marc-fichou-origami-and-paper/. 
Above is origami that she has made.

Stacey Page
Works of portrait photographs in black and white and sews over parts of them to create another image within the photograph giving it a different meaning and look, I can also see the texture. I liked this one below in particular because of its title gave a visual idea of the meaning of giving somebody your heart in the detail, it was quite a dark image which was along the same lines as my grave yard shoot. The colours chosen also related to the darkness with the black and the blood/gore with the red. The hat is also quite humorous.
Take Me With You
For my own version I decided to stitch in red the skeletal outline of my model to represent the insides. I am quite pleased with the outcome in terms of idea but could have sewn it a bit more carefully seen as I haven't done it on photographs before.

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