Monday, 2 July 2012

Jan Von Holleben Inspired Work.

Above is our group photography, created by making our own scenes on the floor and photographing them from a birdseye view. Given random bags of stuff we created a night time scene with a black sky and covers to create a dream scene, it wan't only the proccess that was the same as Jan Von Holleben's scenes, also his had a sense of adventure in them, something unreal almost like a fantasy so us creating a dream worked well with this.
Born in 1977, bought up in Germany, lived his youth in an alternative community, he was influenced by his parents - a cinematographer and child therapist, his talent and interest for photography inspired him to create scenes based on memories from his childhood by subject matter and what was included in the scenes he set up in terms of them being childish and playful looking, using nature and any objects he could find to lay on the floor to represent different scenes from things which in reality they are not.

 Above - 'Dreams of Flying' both photographs are similar in subject matter, they both present children as they are and use the ground and nature, gives a similarity between Disney story Tarzan, wild free scene, colour shows the mood of it and causes childlike emoiton to the viewer and process would need to have the models and object ready, it show Holleben as someone that maybe misses his childhood and has only good memories of it.

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