Monday, 2 July 2012

Animated Gifs/Jamie Beck.

Animated gifs consist of moving images, they can look like the picture is actually moving but created form stop motion.
Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg invented 'cinemagraphs' an image which allows part of the image to still be moving, that part of the image is taken in stop motion whilst the rest of it is still, for example this fashion photography one of supermodel Coco Rocha who Jamie Beck often photographed. High amount of technology shows that it is modern, also the fashion and high quality lighting conditions, contrasted with the older looking objects in the narrative. beck uses film cameras occasionally, old type-writers and vintage objects, we can see his older influence in this composition. 
Below is my own attempt, using the resources we had, chose to burn paper and capture it with continuous photographs.
1. To create this I dragged all 9 photographs at once into photoshop.
2. All of them should be in a separate layer once you've clicked file-script-load files into stack.
3. A box will pop up with a sequence of photos you want to add, clicking windows then animation.
4. Click on the small icon underneath the first photograph that will pop up 'duplicate this layer'.
5. On the second photograph (second layer) click the eye icon to hide it, then click the duplicate this layer and hid the next layer but clicking on the eye. Continue doing this until all of your images are lined up at the bottom.
6. Shift then click all of the boxes at the bottom so they are selected.
7. Click on the time selector near the duplicate this layer box, you can change how long you want each photograph to stay up for, I chose 0.1 seconds but you can change it to what is suitable.
8. Click on the repetition selector near the time selector icon and select forever so that it plays continuously. By clicking play you can preview your animation.
9. To save, file then save for web and devices, dither to 100% and colours at 256, as a gif.
It worked well but could have been less shaky when the pictures were taken.

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