Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Photoshop Double Exposure Experiment.

Here I used photoshop in exactly the same way and using the exact same method and tools as I did for the headlines experiment, except here I used my Dobinson inspired digital stills and overlayed more than one of them onto eachother to create a blur. I thought that this would create a sense of movement in the still, the blur would also look creepy because of the extra limbs seen around on it, it would also give a ghostly impression as they are stereotypically transparent figures.
Below shows the still I originally opened in photoshop in the layers box, and then the second layer I added which was another one of the stills. I lowered the opacity to 42% so that it was quite transparent.
This was how it looked with only one blur on top of the photograph (below).
The background lined up and the text on the body doubled because of the movement yet it was still close together which draws our attention straight to it.
Below is the layers box after I added two more of the photographs by dragging them in and lowering the opacity to 42% again, one by one.
Here it was with 3 photographs on top of it for 3 blurs, it looks very quick and fast, the layers give a really good effect because of how we see the background through her skin, we lose the bright colour and get more of the blue cold lighting with the limbs looking like white mist.
For the last blur I lowered the opacity to 26% because for some reason this layer stood out more than the others when on 42%
Here is the result, it reminds me of Idris Khan's work of blurring exposures because this is a similar effect (I looked at him for my courseword unit this year. I enjoyed creating this becaue it was simple and quick yet very effective, it created an unclear panic and creepy vibe to her in herself and her surroundings.
I repeated this experiment on the other sets of stills I did. The first was still my favourite because of the evil effect it gave but below I really liked the idea of the limbs being the full focus and could see the tones from the layers of flesh, also the head being in obviously different positions which weren't so noticable before, this gave and impression that somebody else was in there with her.
I felt that the black and white result looked even more like two people were in the box, as if it was a joint experience, very confined, a race to get out and a panic because of all the hands clearly trying to push out. I felt the individual photographs I chose to use for this image worked really well together because they are the most separated and different when compared to the sets of photographs used in the other images, the limbs filled more of the negative space, they looked very ghostly here because of the lack of colour.
I feel that this experiment could work as a final outcome or part of one, I feel that it has been very successful but if I was to improve it I would use more various body shapes/positions in the photographs I used for my coloured images to have an effect like the black and white result.

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