Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dobinson Inspired Digital Photographs (Reshooting and Improving).

Here are the first digital photographs I took at the shoot. These show the ideas developing from these plain shots and further. These followed the exact steps of Dobinson's photographs to make sure I could get accurate results this time.
No editing or contrast adjustments were needed for these first photographs.
No flash is used here, shadows are created with create tone on the skin, it has a grainy and almost painted look about it, perfect framing here, body paleness stands out in a contrast to the background which works well because we can see the enclosure and it is all the same colour, also because a gradual shadow sets in with the bottom being darker.
Flash on, creates a blue/pink pale tone on the skin, giving an ill or starved impression, stanced as if she if pushing out wards in an attempt to escape.
Relaxed but pushing outwards, as if she is energy less and her hope has gone. Flash on, blue effect, looks filtered although it isn't. A cold and silent mood is created.
In the corner, looks small, vunerable, same blue filtered look has been created by the natural lighting again.

Here I took some photographs in black and white, these looked very dull so for all of them I uploaded them to photoshop and went onto image (tab at the top), adjustments, brightness and contrast and increased the contrast by 170 and decreased the brightness by 70. This let the skin be pale and stand out, and the blacks be as dark and bold as possible.
Pushing in both directions, giving up, glances down.
Forcefully pushing out towards the side, looks strong.
Shows even more directions she is pushing from.
I didn't like the way the black and white limited the tones in the skin because the blues/pinks and shadow were taken out here, also the colour of the background the dark grey made the body shape and dark clothing stand out less, also the flash needed to be on so the picture didn't look too grey, this reflected a little and gave a shine to the skin which took away the dull and starved impression.

Here was when I put up the newspaper and wrote on the body. The editing here enhanced the blue tones, I kept the flash off and returned to colour on the camera seen as this was the best result so far. I loaded each image onto photoshop and decreased the brightness by 70 and increased the contrast by 150 using the same steps as I did with the black and white photographs.This really bought out the blue created from the black and the shadow of the dirty white tones on the newspaper.
Words are visible, she looks distressed, scared. Blue darkness is gritty and cold.
Sits up slightly, still feel helpless, looks cold, silent, alone, lost her identity and value.
Tones vary a lot on legs here, brightness in arms contrasts this and face is in complete darkness. Shadowed towards the bottom.
Shows background wording, as if somebody has been there with her in a bad way, or has she gone mad and written it herself. Skin looks dead and cold.

Here I changed angles to a high angle looking down to create a timid look, belittle her and emphasise more on the confined spaced, the small scale. I had the flash on to see how this looked, it worked very well because it bought out the skin and distanced it from the background which is busy but the wider and more empty shapes of the limbs stand out from the small print which from a distance looks grainy. Words written are also shown off a lot more here. Framing is perfect, hides all other space, we really feel her emotions here inside, as if we are looking down on her. Before editing on photoshop, these photographs were much too bright and quite yellow looking from the white of the paper and skin paleness combined with the flash. I went to the image tab, then adjustments and filter. I selected a cyan blue coloured filter, I played around with the density slider and settled for 35% which was very mild but took away the yellow warmth and put the colder effect back into place. Oddly enough I liked the brightness of these and that they still looked sinister despite the lack of blue darkness I created previously.
Still pushing to try and get out.
Glancing at the words which draws us to them by the visual interest, also supports the narrative of these being her actual feelings.
She is pushing upwards, I thought that by doing this she is interacting with the audience, or pushing through a transparent surface. Word sin view emphasise this again.
Pushes closer to the viewer, hands are over exposed from the flash because they got slightly too close. Although it makes them the focus and brightest part which draws us to them first, the face being inbetween them also draws us to afterwards.

All of these sets of photographs contain many more shots which I plan to put together synchronised in a gif for each of them because I staged the shots by her gradually moving so this would be effective and realistic. It would be too repetitive to put them all onto here. 
My favourite set are the straight angled blue/coloured shots because the skin and darkness of the clothes stands out letting us see the body shape and movements clearly but it is also dark and really enhances the cold and empty feeling I was trying to create
I really enjoyed this shoot because I could feel my ideas for it completely evolving into more enhanced things whilst I was doing it and I also felt like a success.

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