Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Experimenting with Installation.

Because my photographs created a trapped feeling, I wanted to see how they would work in a 3D, physically trapped way by creating installations for them. To start me off and see if this would work I got a tissue box which was handy and placed one of my photographs printed off inside it (below). 
I chose this particular photograph to go inside because it is close to her face and it is centred so the part of the photograph which is hidden isn't too relevant to show us exactly what the photograph is of which is necessary because otherwise it would be unclear. Also by the smallest bit of her face being hidden she looks more trapped, if the hole in the box was larger she would look like she could escape which would destroy the creation of being stuck, her hand also looks like it is trying to push out. As you may have noticed there are also ripped up photographs around the box, I did this because I didn't like my photographs being randomly ripped up (they looked irrelevant and unnecessary) I thought that they could now work well to represent a jumbled mess and be unclear, because they work well with the meaning of her being trapped by showing an inside of her mind by being random and allover the place. This looks quite quickly done which represents her mind racing. Also the feelings inside are on the outside, and her outside appearance (being trapped) is on the inside which works well with the theme. The photographs are obviously relevant to the inside photograph whereas the plain tissue box pattern isn't.
A closer view of her face in side the box, shadow created looks dark and mysterious which dims the mood intentionally.
Bottom and right side view of photographs used around the box.
The front and right hand side view of the ripped photographs.
The front and left hand side view of the photographs.
View of the box as a whole, gives an idea of what it looks like altogether.

This worked well, to improve I would create an actual box with a hole in it rather than something which is obviously a tissue box as I don't want it to be interpreted as a household object because this doesn't relate to the point/meaning I am trying to put across. Also the size was quite small, I would go by a larger scale next time for a more realistically trapped human look. I liked the mixture of coloured, black and white and solarised photographs, it made the rips stand out more. I also felt the solarised photograph worked well inside because it would naturally always be a dim lighting inside the box and this shows off that point.

I thought that some of the photographs looked as if she was lying down and trying to push out of something which gave me an idea of being buried alive in a coffin. I used foam board and a sharp kitchen knife to cut out a rectangular net on the board which I drew up accurately with a ruler. The size would be 30cm long and 15 cm wide. I used celotape to stick the sides together but left the top open so that it could be lifted to see the photograph inside 'trying to push out'. I kept the paper print I used to print an inverted black and white image onto tracing paper to create my cyanotype. I used this as the image to be peering out of the box because it was a different style/colour to photographs I had already used for my tissue box and I wanted to see what effect it would give. It was too white which at first I didn't like but then I thought that the white could represent light shining onto her because the lid has been lifted, taking her out of the darkness. I felt that the white foam and this one image was too boring so I used various other images from the same shoot to decorate the inside appropriately, still presenting her trying to get out. I painted the finished result black because white made the foam texture too obvious which made it look of worse quality, the black paint was thickly spread on and created a bumpy effect with the brush marks still showing which was similar to the effect on wood - the grains going horizontally or vertically across. Also the black made the box look like something less friendly and more dark is inside it which is the case.
View of inside the box.
Outside of the box painted black.
Photographs here are on bottom of lid, she looks like she is pushing up to lift it to get out and also pushing the surface.
Face staring at me on the side makes her look close up and peering out at us the viewer.

This was successful because I created the feeling of lots of people being trapped inside the box rather than just one person which the tissue box displayed. If I did it again it would be much more accurately made, the celotape wasn't the strongest of materials to use to keep the structure together so something like super glue would be much more relevant. I think that creating something 3D would work very well for these photographs, I feel that after reshooting them I can finally get some real ideas for a final composition. The theme is also presented very clearly by doing this because of the inside and outside of the installations, and the inner emotion of being trapped which is created.

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