Thursday, 2 May 2013

Film 4 Photographs (Reshooting the Dobinson Inspired shoot).

I decided to reshoot the film finally. This time I created a space which had more room for me to stage it, the under the stairs cupboard I used before was very horizontally narrow which limited the back ground because I would either have to include lots of the wood around the cupboard or zoomed in too much and cut off parts of her body. This time I cleared out a wardrobe which was all the same coloured wood including the floor, empty and hollow I opened the doors fully and using a stool as a tripod I created a frame that included just this space, no unnecessary background and a reliable placing where this framing would change/jog/move.
I started by taking digital photographs of my model in the wardrobe in the same costume of shorts and a sleeveless crop top and tights over her head, I made sure the tights were more coverable this time and plain rather than netted to avoid distraction. I then decided to enhance the photographs by writing words relating to the theme over her body, I used black marker so that they stood out and wrote them in caps for the same reasons. I used the words 'trapped' and help' and the phrase 'save me'. To enhance the photographs even more I decided to completely cover the wardrobe walls in newspaper. This would give a clearer narrative to my photographs. It could relate to the news by involving headlines of meaning, I struggled to find relevant headlines so I stuck any newspaper up because it would still imply the impression that the person is trapped and being looked for and that it is on the news ect. To create some relevance I scribbled words onto the paper using a thick graphite stick so that it wouldn't go through to the wardrobe but would show up very well. I wrote 'trapped' and 'stuck'. My intention was to create a scenario of somebody being kidnapped and being kept in this cupboard, the idea of being inside with everyone looking for them on the outside which is presented by the newspaper. I started taking the film photographs when the newspaper was up and written on (plus the text on her body) so that these captured the most interesting and successful moments. The scenes before were all captured digitally. I also attempted to catch each shot with the movements being adjusted a tiny bit each time so that I could possibly create a synchronised gif by scanning in a print of each picture as an exam idea.

Here is my contact sheet, this was produced under the enlarger with the filter on 5 (the highest), a timing of 20 seconds and a lighting of F8.

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  1. Please complete all blog posts - it is important that you draw up potential installation views and experiment with collaging into boxes etc. Use a shoe box as a drawer. Make sure you make your cyanotype before your exam and if it doesn't work let me know.