Friday, 15 February 2013

Film Photographs - Arter Inspired Photographs (Inner Character & Spaces).

First of all I needed to take darkroom photographs of the college campus (inspired by After taking photographs of his uni. campus), although the photographs are obviously modern day ones so they won't have the value of time involved but it would still be good to experiment to see what they could look like when these actual prints are photographed as they are held up to a wider shot of the same scenery.
Filter 5, f16, 20 seconds & 15 second burn on bottom half.
This shot was by the exit of college, the Coulsdon college name is visible to show this, I also captured a slight blur which I originally wanted so that I could create a sense of movement and distant presence. The use of natural lighting works well to create a shadow and contrast between straight line son the ground and a bristly rounder look on the trees.
FIlter 5, f16, 15 seconds.
I think that a ray of light may have interfered with the capturing got this image on the left side of the photograph, it gave a slight hexagonal bokeh look to it but the result was that it looks over exposed, I captured the exit of college by the doors, I feel that this shot was perhaps slightly too long/wide and instead I should have captured the doors close up and used this frame as the digital photograph I will produce from holding it. I like the silver tones on the floor they remind me of solarisation because of the contrast between whit sand grey/silver rather than black.
Filter 5, f16, 20 seconds & 10 second burn on bus area.
Here I represented the college journey, I included a London bus to show location and the different between somewhere like London compared to another country or up North. The movement of his walking is captured here. He is photographed in a way that he is unaware of it, just like the people in the old photographs Arter used were.

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