Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Starting Point Two - Spaces.

I have selected 'Spaces' as my second starting point because I thought that because of the location of my first photo shoot for 'Inner Character' I could link my second photo shoot for spaces to this by using even more random locations, my main inspiration was Bruce Davidson's 'Dwarf' photographs, the spacial location was clearly shown in these photographs and i feel that I could emphasise it more with this theme but also still involve the human figure.

Primary sources I plan to use for research are an abandoned warehouse in Thornton Heath, also using secondary research to find out more about its background story to see if this could be created in my experimentations. I also want to use objects relating to it which I could use in my photographs. Secondary resources also include the websites and work of the artists I plan to look at.

Artists work that I will be looking at are Joe Collier (who has visited many abandoned places and photographed the ruins) because I like the mystery behind the pictures and feel that I could incorporate human figures into them, even though the subject matter is completely opposing I can create an idea of them being disturbed and invasive. Work by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre (who showcase their work on a joint website) explore abandoned places that have a more modern and entertainment side to them such as theatres rather than asylums, photographer David Williams has many series of photographs and one that caught my eye are his Post Office photographs which involve people in the scenery which could link with what I want to do with the mysterious looking places. Also, Henk Van Rensbergen who describes abandoned places as well as using his photographs to present visual evidence to his emotions while visiting. I also like the idea of what spaces do to subject matter, e.g Klaus Pichler's fruit photographs.

I would like to experiment with primary sources such as leaves and objects relating to abandon deplanes and incorporate them in my experiments. I would also like to try using liquid emulsion to create my prints on something other than photographic paper. Also I would like to try a cyanotype to see if it would give my photographs an eerie look to them with the detail being unclear.

I think that ripping and burning will be good hand experiments to do on these photographs because it represents the actual ruin of the place. I could also sew in historic reports/letters/paper articles relating to the place itself to give it a more informative effect. In the darkroom I could create a photograph on top of my photograph using objects that relate to the place, e.g medical tools for an asylum. I would also like to digitally enhance them by creating a light beam to contrast the dark side of the place itself, also try some double exposures of different scenes of the place involving a person to give them a ghostly appearance.
(Top row left to right, second row left to right, bottom top left to right)

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