Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Starting Point - Inner Character.

I have chosen this starting point because from previous coursework projects I have always found taking a route that can involve the figure (portraiture, fashion) works well for me because I am interested in the human appearance and generally find myself more excited and willing to photograph people rather than objects, scenery ect. because of how I can portray emotion. I saw this theme as an opportunity to still take creative photographs this way and have them represent something important and powerful coming from the inside - meaning there is more to the photographs than visual attraction. 

I have briefly looked at the works of Cindy Sherman, Bruce Davidson and other artists on this mood board, I plan to research these too artists in depth for inspiration for the first photographs I take for this project so secondary resources for this starting point out weigh the primary ones (primary resources will be the costumes and locations that I choose because I can look into the history and background of these to see if there is anything interesting behind the story.

Other artists work I liked were Jason Lee's photographs of his children because they show a child's playful and happy inner character, Jan Von Holleben's photographs had a similar effect, from setting up props and creating play scenes these gave off the his own love for children. Another photographer/artist who inspired me was Orlan, her idea of using herself and her own appearance (enhanced by massive amounts of surgery) as an art piece was unique to me and I had never heard of anybody doing this, the idea of seeing herself on the inside and her own organs didn't phase her, she saw this as art which could be an interesting subject matter for me to recreate.

Materials and techniques I would like to experiment with include more digital photography which is enhanced within the image taken rather than on photoshop, I would also like to try and print darkroom experiments onto various surfaces by using liquid emulsion, I would also like to try a cyanotype to see if these experiments work well for my work because I have never tried them before.

Experiments I am planning to make are these and also collaging my photographs with text that relates to the inspiration of my work and the inner meaning which relates to the starting point of inner character.
(Links to photographs and photographers, top left going in clockwise order).

                                                                                                                                Cindy Sherman


Andre Kertesz

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