Thursday, 14 February 2013

Film Photographs - Abandoned Place Photographs (Spaces).

I put myself into Rensbergen's shoes and visited an abandon place, this was a warehouse and was fairly large with various rooms and corridors, I felt scared being here and I didn't know if anyone was lurking about or if I was even safe.
Filter 5, f16, 14 seconds.
Here I captured the room I was in and a transition to another room outside of that room, I liked the way the light gradually appears, we see graffiti which shows that life has been in here before and the light works well to symbolise this, as we move closer to where I was standing the darkness takes over more, the corner I have captured creates a creepy feeling of tension and fear of the unknown. The shapes are very sharp and straight, triangles and squares of the wood and ruined architecture of the building fit together quite well but also remind me of abstraction.
Filter 5, f16, 8 seconds & 2.5 burn on the middle/bottom.
Here we can see things that are gradually falling down/breaking down, the dark tones show fear, lots of objects are involved and there are various things going on, the floor looks quite grainy, tires show circles and squares are also involved making the scene seen rather messy.
Filter 5, f16, 16 seconds.
This picture has more light captured on it, I found long shots of this location worked better because they did it justice on its size - they showed how big and how much exploring there was to do rather than zooming in on one aspect, the perspective works well here, distance is shown as we see it becoming further and further away.
Filter 5, f16, 15 seconds, slightly dogged on the top third.
Window frame shows reflection and involves light, shadowing on the walls looks blurred because of all the staining on them along with the graffiti showing the grimier and more dirty side to the place in this more closely framed shot.
Filter 5, f16, 12 seconds.
Slightly blurred, in focus but perhaps jolted a little bit, gives a ghostly and eerie effect to it, the right side is shadowed and makes us fear something is there, the reflection in the mirror makes us wonder if there is anything more or supernatural to see in this. Squares involved in this composition work geometrically.
Filter 5, f16, 15 seconds.
Line is very important here because of the beams on the ceiling and the falling ones which are all black contrasting the lighter tones on the ground along with the ruins, we can tell the place has been left alone for a fairly long time because of what we see in this photograph.
Filter 5, f16, 14 seconds.
This framing didn't work very well because I feel like the focus is split between the middle corridor leading to the light and the other one on the right hand side, also the piled up tired and darker objects around, this make it too busy and I would focus on just one of these situations if I were to do this again.

I feel that out of my 3 photo shoots on this film (this, Davidson & Arter) these photographs are my strong point. The idea of going inside somewhere dangerous and wanting to get outside had the best emotional value and also produced the best photographs in terms of tones, focus and subject matter. 

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