Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Nick Knight Analysis.

Jil Sander (fashion designer), 1992 taken by Nick Knight, British fashion, film and documentary photographer (B. 1958). Publishing photographs for magasines such as Vogue and photographing celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga. Looking at the photograph it looks more modern than 1992 because of how enhanced it is in terms of colour and I am used to seeing these type of photographs in new magasines and can’t re call seeing many during the 90’s. The work has been produced to advertise clothing designed by Sander, limited info. is available with the website only explaining the title, it looks as if could be shown on a catwalk but presented in a magazine article. I have chosen to analyse the piece because it has a dreamy look to it and I like the colours the way the contrast is strong yet they have similar tones.

To me I see freedom, the plain and subtle background works well in terms of blending with the garment and woman’s quite neutral colours of blonde hair and peachy tones that fit well with the subtle pastel orange/creams/pinks, because this represents the focus being kept on the garment rather than having an overbearing background, representing that the clothing will be suitable for a woman to take over and be in the spotlight with something so simple. No quotes are given about the piece on the website but fashion critics stated ‘beautiful, muted image’ on opinion of the photograph itself. The genre is high class fashion and femininity in terms of my chosen theme and catwalk art, the landscape frame shows the size of the garment when it is fully pulled out, representing a dominating appearance so this composition is appropriate for the aims of the garment and shows originality in the way it is bigger and better than it seems. The story behind can be interpreted, it could represent any women or the female race as a whole by hiding the woman’s identity so that it isn’t about how attractive you are, but the dress should be brought for somebody as a female and focused on rather than the actual models looks. The colours are quite basic, they have a subtle mood which symbolises the woman’s stance, it reminds me of an angel and flying because of the freedom and material presenting the wings, the colours are what you would stereotypically expect from an angel which generally bring peace and are associated with god and most things positive, so it brings power to the garment by comparing it to something of a high and considered supernatural/out of this world type of story.

The materials used are a DLSR camera, studio lighting for the garment including backlighting to focus more on feminine shape of the model rather than front lighting to show an appearance, although the lighting on the garment is different, and more key lighting because of the detail of the texture the chiffon-like material gives, which makes the photograph seem more real because we feel like we can touch it or imagine what it would feel like on, also the contrasting of the lighting types leads to shadow which shows the muscular definition on the woman’s arms again relating to the theme of power for woman. Photoshop and other editorial programmes have been used to enhancement of the contrast in the photograph, the smoothing effect on the skin and sharpening of the material. The scale of the work when appearing in her catalogue should take up the majority of the page because of the power it represents and the detail that is shown, if it was smaller it wouldn’t work as well because these minorities wouldn’t be shown nearly as clearly.  Formal elements important are colour because of the symbolising it does, shape because it is what makes up the whole composition with her dress and the slight bits of plain negative space in the background,  pattern is created with line on the dress, lines that are sharp and fierce for the powerful effect.

The work to me shows somewhat of what I’d like to try and experiment in photo shoots I take myself because of the colours being so subtle yet effective and also the feminine beauty side of it. My first reaction was my thoughts of the angel similarities and that it looked powerful. I like everything about it, I think the composition could have shown the whole garment rather than squeeze it in so much because it would have given a more definite and sharp shape to it. It doesn’t remind me of anything or any other artist/designer I have seen before. I have been inspired by the clothing that they have used, it is quite simple in terms of props that I will be able to get hold of, also seems more realistic for me in these terms and studio lighting is available in the college facility.

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