Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Enchanced Image Brief.

This project is about taking our own preferred style of photography further by bringing our own ideas into it. For example architecture, lanscape, fashion ect. I have chosen fashion as my theme because I liek the idea of presenting people as attractive and especially the endorsement of clothes because they are of personal interest to me as well as fantasy and colour, which can be bought into this style of photography by the chosen scene and the colours of it and the garments.

During the project we will be doing various experiments in the dark room such as dodging and burning, also experimenting with developing our film differently so that we can achieve effects in the darkroom on our photographs such as cracking. We will be looking at different photographers and being inspired with what approach to take on our own photographs. I will work towards producing a mounted sheet of my best photographs and perhaps blow up an image of my favourite photograph I have produced.

Here is the brief of the project -

Here is my mindmap of ideas of what to do with/focus on in my theme -

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