Friday, 28 September 2012

Photoshop Vignetting.

Vignetting on photoshop
I started off with photographs taken of a friend as the mad hatter (below), inspired following Leibovitz's Disney 'Dream' Portraits.
Quite dark around the edges anyway and they aren't needed so I thought this composition was appropriate.
The vignetting is very simple -
1. Go to the filter tab and then lens correction.
2. Click the custom tab at the top of the window that pops up.
3. Drag the meter that is called vignette up for a lighter outside, and downwards for a darker look. This was more appropriate for my darker image.
With my vignetted image I adjusted the exposure because her face looked quite dull, clicked image, adjustments, exposure and I slid the gamma meter up. This gave it this flash in the dark effect which was quite spooky and effective with her facial expression.
Second image I decided to edit.
Allows us to focus on just her face and appearance, she also looks 'caught' or in spotlight.
Brightened the face by adjusting the brightness and contrast (image, adjustments, brightness and contrast), also the brightness and shadow option to incease the shadow made, and finally in this menu the highlights were brightened/bought up for the colour to stand out more.

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