Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Photographs Taken On The Trip.

Here are some digital photographs I took around London whilst I was on the trip to look at the two exhibtions, I have used photoshop brightness/contrast and burning/dodging to enhance these images. They focus on the outside area of London and involve information, architecture and iconically British aspects.
Outside the ICA.
Outside the ICA, architecture of pillars.
Horses riding outside the ICA.
Union Jack flown outside the ICA, sky and tree present nature and freedom. Movement is created from the wind blowing the flag.
Outside the National Portrait Gallery, Promotional poster of the Man Ray exhibition.
Longer shot of the entrance to the National Portrait Gallery, Man Ray exhibiton.
Trafalgar square, opposite the National Portrait Gallery.
Extreme close up shot of the water droplets on the fountains stone build. Reflection is shown.
Depth of field created with the scenary in the background.
Stone figure showing movement of pouring water.
Close up of fountain also at Trafalgar Square.
People outside, showing the busy reality of London.
Clouds look dull and evil, tower gives a daunting look towering above everything.
CLose up of stone figure, a sense of life and nature from the water.
Blue in the water and sky balances this photograph from the side view of the fountain, horse and man lurking in background work well together, look powerful and above all.
Long shot further away from the National Portrait Gallery including the whole front of the building. The feeling of sunshine after rain is presented by the bright sky and the wet floor.

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