Thursday, 26 April 2012

Photoshop and Drawing work.

Inspired by Georges here I experimented with some of my own photographs to create something of similar subject matter to her work I have analysed.

 Above I cut out the fairy photographs that I would be using in the composition, and inspired by her lines of calla lily flowers, I drew them on in various places that seemed appropriate, I can see the influence well and I am happy with the result, purely for the look of boldness and contrasting of black and white I outlined the facial features and blackened the eyes for similar effect of unknown identity.
 I put more of my own style into this, even though I ventured away from the female aspects, I kept nature involved by drawing of tree branches and blending it with a photograph I already had of trees, inspired from her work involving a punk image, I tried the crosses on the eyes and thought that I could relate the setting to it as well by drawing a wall and lip prints for feminity. A bit more crowded that Georges work but more my own style rather than hers.
Above I used photoshop instead of drawing on which was harder because of my lack of knowledge and not as successful, I started by following the tree picture Georges has produced of a woman, I applied a filter to the girls face called stamp to give it the black and white shape effect, I then used fragments of tree photographs I had taken to put around her hair, the result wasn't too good because it didn't blend well and I could see where I had placed them on a new layer to fill the space, the idea was good but visually it didn't work too well because of this, also the bird fitted into context but was quite random. My least favourite, I preferred drawing on them.

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