Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fantasy Based Photographs.

When it came to moving onto thinking about my final piece, I wanted to take a dream like experience route, I took digitial photographs and SLR film photographs of a friend in the woods looking rather dazed and in a dream, I tried out different poses and also tried to incorperate some of Annette Messengers idea of showing senses too. Although I wanted to show more than just this. Below are my SLR photographs. I didn't play around with shutter speed much, very quick for capture, only changed when stated. Aperture of 5.6 good for the outdoor quite bright lighting conditions, no flash used.
Mainly focusing on the background, shows friend unaware of what could be happening. Light 11 used on these photographs, full contrast for the effect and this was timed best at 2.7 seconds. A sense that anything can encounter you here.
Closer shot, trees out of focus, wintery feel, timing of 2.9.
Above I attempted to catch the falling leaves around her when she threw them but it didn't work because perhaps the shutter speed was too long so too much movement was captured rather than a still shot with leaves around her, because I was unaware of the unsuccessful result I haven't yet tried to capture the shot correctly again. Timing of 3.
One of my favourite compositions, she looks like she's in a dream and the leaves blend in really well for a natural and lost look, all photographs here created in the darkroom with a light measurement of 11 and full contrast, this was timed at 3.2 seconds exposure.
In same position, but different angle, looking straight into the lens for the similar nature effect but more personal this time, awake rather than asleep. Exposure of 3.2, slight dodging around t-shirt area.
Side profile attempt, must have jogged camera, blurred un successful result, printed with not enough contrast event hough it was on full the timing probably were't enough (under-exposed), timed at 3 seconds, didn't try again because this wasn't a successful photograph.
Trying to involved nature, creature like, timing of 3.4 seconds, distant expression as if something/one is there.
Sitting down, high angled shot, trees out of focus add to mystery, what is she looking at? Timings 3.3.
Experimenting with surreal sizes, illusion of massive bottle and tiny girl, should have taken another shot with her in focus instead. Dream like experience. Timing of 3.3.
Looking lost, anything could be added into the back ground to take a more fantastical turn on my final piece. Landscape to show her surroundings more, timing of 3.
Thinking of fantasy, I decided to experiment it might be good to edit in small fairies which I could later photograph myself, her expression is at the shock of what she sees. Happy with composition, timing of 3.2.
Close up, shocked expression, glass was handy so captured the eye reflected, timing of 2.9, perhaps could have done slightly longer (3.1/2) for more contrast.
Lower angle shot, looking into distance, trees again out of focus for a more interesting/complex affect. Favourite, timing of 3.3. will attempt to dodge the ground in the background to blend more subtle with the sky.
Sky looks painted, liked this composition, thinking over the glass. Contrast works well. Timing of 3.3.
Another unsuccessful attempt of the leave throwing, same reasons as before, timing of 3.3.
Leave throwing from a different angle and portrait, same unsuccessful result, need to quicken shutter speed next attempt, timing 3.2.
A favourite, fashion photoshoot esque. Timing of 3.4, out of focus trees keep attention of her.
Another bottle shot, attempted for her to lean on it. Ground in focus rather than bottle or her so not a great result, timing 3.3.
A favourite again, timing 3.1. Fairies perhaps put above.
Fairy could be added in here, perfect result, timing 3.1.
Side profile of the dreaming shots, timing 3.2, perfect exposure and contrast works well.
Side profile close up, could be looking at anything, adds mystery. 
Above and all of below are digital photographs taken with a 14 mega pixel camera, colour looked quite interesting and magical because of the brightness but black and white was more vintage styled.
Closer version, shows the fantasy style make up clearly.
Quite similar in composition to one of the Cottingley photographs fairy could be added in on another media outside of photographs.
Shocked, more fashion related by the composition, although shows emotion relating to the experience.
Vanity based position, again the glance could lead to something else if used in my final piece.
Dreaming shot again, nature based.
Awoken, fairies would maybe work well here.
Landscape composition.
Different to others, more direct in her glance.
Quite unprepared but shows exploring, fairies could be edited anywhere and text could also look good.
Same again but glancing at something else. Not a very professional looking composition but meaning is there.
Thoughtful looking.
Higher angle, as if she has been spotted and is shocked.
Higher angle again but looking away.
Looking into the distance, path shows perspective and looks intriuging.
Isolated, I could do anything with this photograph in terms of what I put into it ect.
Portrait style, the loneliness adds to the mystery and idea of creatures being around.

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